The Reviewer’s Word – Amazing Spider-Man

Ok, I am going to do my best to do this without any massive spoilers, so if you are planning to see the movie feel free to keep reading in relative safety. Having said that, with the amount of trailers, photos and other crap surrounding this movie it won’t be too difficult a job. Here goes.

In some ways, making this movie represents a massive risk. It could so easily be total disaster. With the first trio of Spidey movies coming out to mixed reviews, but with massive box office success, the idea to start over with a completely new, never before seen story could possibly alienate fans and leave this massive and popular franchise in a mess. Not to mention an all-new cast, a new(ish) love interest and a baddy (scientist goes mad and tries to destroy the world) that has been seen in any number of movies (Spider-Man 2 for a start.) There is a real risk of causing a backlash from comic and movie fans unseen since the Daredevil movie, Transformers 2 or even the Green Lantern. So was it all worth the risk?

Well, yes, yes it was.

the_amazing_spider_man__movieI love this movie. There are no bad points, even the 3D is good! The chemistry of the entire cast and relationships between the different characters draws you in, makes you feel for and empathize with them every step of the way. Couple that with an action packed story that flows effortlessly throughout the film, it’s a complete winner. So let’s break it down a little:-

First off, the story. Unlike the origin story in the first Spiderman movie, this one is a hell of a lot better put together. The origin tale in the Amazing Spider-Man shows the events in the hero’s creation are all connected, one event leading to the next, guiding Peter Parker on to the right path, rather than a series of unrelated events creating Spider-Man as in the first film. Let me elaborate.

In the new movie, Peter is led to Oscorpe after finding his Father’s (who disappeared when he was young, along with his mother) briefcase. Here, he meets one of his father’s old colleges, Dr Connors (The Lizard), and the faithful spider, as opposed to the school trip as seen in the first movie. Being late home from his Oscorpe trip causes an argument with his Aunt and Uncle (who took Peter in when his parents vanished) which sets Peter/Spider-Man on his path, and so on, with each major event leading on and directly connected to the next. Peter’s story, and reason for becoming Spider–Man is also a lot more personal from the start, as we see him fight his instincts to use his powers in order to fight his own battles and start helping people. This leads to a number of very slick looking fight scenes which are all impressive without being completely over the top.

Andrew Garfield and co-star Emma Stone film a kissing scene

And then there’s Gwen Stacy. The pair’s relationship is beautiful. The couple clearly have strong feelings for each other almost from the get go. Peter, school photographer, skateboarder, loner but seems comfortable with who he is and not at all awkward in his own skin, and Gwen, beautiful blond that has a lot in common with Peter, being very smart and also a bit of a loner, seem a realistic fit. It is good to watch the pair come to terms with their feelings for one another with an on screen chemistry that is fit to rival any off screen couple. Both look the part, without one member of the couple made to look as if they are batting way above their weight!

This is not the only relationship in the movie to draw you in. The way that Peter, Aunt May and Uncle Ben act towards one another makes you truly believe that they have been living and dealing with this difficult situation for a number of years and are doing their best to make good. This loving family environment adds a human touch to Peter Parker’s story.

But it wouldn’t be a superhero movie without a good baddy. Dr Curt Connors Is a good man. He and Peter’s father were working towards a better world. Curing the sick and using Cross-species gene splicing to help people grow back limbs. Years after Peter’s father disappeared, Connors now works for Oscorpe and is receiving full funding in order to provide a cure for a dying Norman Osborne. (I’m sure I know that name form somewhere?) In Connors’s case doing the right thing leads to his grotesque transformation in to The Lizard. As a bad guy The Lizard is tough, intelligent, uncompromising and a good opposite for the newly emerged Spider-Man, both in story and in fight. There is a small bit in the film, you may notice, where The Lizard does seem in danger of becoming a little like the tormented Green Goblin from the original movie, as he is encouraged by his own voice to do bad stuff, but it’s only for a little bit!

Go and see this in 3D!!!

Don’t hear that often do you? The 3D in this film is brilliant and not a minute of it is wasted. The best 3D movie since Avatar and a must!

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned the cast throughout this review. That is mainly due to the fact that I don’t feel there is anything to say. There is no stand out performance, as all of the performances are so good. Not one of the cast let this movie down, even the bit part players are memorable and not the usual monotone fillers! Oh and while I am on the subject, look out for the great Stan Lee’s appearance which is by far the best yet. Oh and don’t forget to sit through the credits for the little Marvel extra at the end!

So, to sum up. Amazing cast, amazing story, amazing writing, amazing direction and production, Amazing Spider-Man. Go see it. A massive 5/5. The Film is released on 3rd July, 2012.


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