Is Szechuan Sauce or Rick and Morty Coming Back?


Rick and Morty Returns For Season Four


It’s season 4 of Rick and Morty!

That’s right you filthy animals. Rick and Morty are coming back this November and you’re all going to eat it up like some Szechuan sauce on some chicken nuggets. Don’t worry though there won’t be any lines!

Let’s Catch UpIs Szechuan Sauce or Rick and Morty Coming Back?

The hit series from Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and Adult Swim is coming for its quadrant season, yes I’m trying to be fancy with my words. The show hasn’t been on the air since 2017. That means it’s had a long hiatus than Game of Thrones did for season 8… We’ll talk about that another time.

Math or Time Travel or Whatever

This is Adult Swim’s biggest show and they proved it by ordering 70 episodes of the series. Now I’m no mathematician, but it’s typically taken two years between each season. So if each season is 10 episodes, season four will count as 10 of the 70 episodes ordered, that means we will have 60 left, two years between every 10 episodes, we are looking to about… 12 years. It could take 12 years for us to get all those episodes.

In 12 years I’ll be 39… Now I don’t want to sound like a Morty, but oh man, oh jeez that’s a long time! 

If I’m being honest with you all I have only watched like five episodes of Rick and Morty. Don’t hate me! I know it’s beloved, but sometimes a show isn’t for you or mainly Rick’s voice. I love the concept and I love the ridiculous parallels to Back to the Future with the outrages sci-fi stories, but so many shows with so little time.  

So here’s to you Rick and Morty fans. Your show is coming back and it’s coming back strong. Now I truly hope you get the rest of the episodes in under 12 years and if they do I promise I’ll binge watch it just for you!

Sound Off

You a Rick and Morty fan? Are you excited for the new season? Did you sit in line for Szechuan sauce? Let me know down in the comments below!

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