Renewal! Rick and Morty for 70 More Eps!

The Rickiest Of Renewal Deals

We have a renewal! Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub folks! 

Adult Swim has ordered 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty!  Truthfully, there is no surprise that Adult Swim would want to milk the series as much as possible. Indeed, Rick and Morty’s third season delivered Adult Swim’s highest ratings ever. However, this is and means A LOT. Firstly, this number of episodes would be double the amount of the whole series currently consist of. Secondly, this number of episodes automatically pushes Rick and Morty past the 100 mark, the standard threshold for syndication. Thirdly, this all comes after some serious nail-biting by the fans.

Renewal! Rick and Morty for 70 More Eps!Many viewers were concerned after months of ominous tweets from both Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland about their contract and the show’s future. The show has had some bad press after the McDonald’s incident and general bad behavior from the notoriously toxic side of the fanbase. The news of renewal comes as a great relief for everyone involved, including the creators. According to an interview with GQ Magazine and Dan Harmon, the 70-episode order contact will allow the crew to focus on Rick and Morty exclusively. The certainty of work will reduce some of the stress and possibly make a more productive work environment for the new seasons. Either way, after a rough and confusing year, things are looking up for our favorite granddad and his grandson.

The Rickiest of  Numbers?

There is something interesting about this order number beside its size and convenience. No official news has been released about how or when these episodes will be distributed. Rick and Morty‘s previous seasons contained 10-11 episodes. Thus, this show could be at least 7 seasons longer by the end of the contract. Is the possible that Rick may get dangerously close to his wish? We will just have to wait and see.

Also, as a celebration of the new deal, the Rickmobile will be out and around the US starting May 17th. The pop-up shop will be stopping at 50 locations, one being San Diego for SDCC in July. Fans can get exclusive collectibles from the show if they manage to catch the vehicle.

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