Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles Is Heading to Netflix

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The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan Is Getting the Netflix Treatment

Netflix has been working hard at acquiring new (and beloved) books and graphic novels to adapt, as of late. Now it’s time to add another series to that list, as The Kane Chronicles, by Rick Riordan, joins the fray.

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan - The Complete Kane Chronicles
Rick Riordan – The Complete Kane Chronicles

Rick Riordan is perhaps better known for one of his other (highly popular) series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This is yet another series that already got the adaptation treatment. Though, admittedly, it was not quite the movie that fans hoped it would be.

Riordan has also penned the series Camp Half-Blood, The Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and The Kane Chronicles. Though, to be clear, that is far from being a complete list of the works that Riordan has created. His back catalog is a treasure that any studio would be wise to fight for.

The Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicles is a trilogy that follows two siblings on a series of adventures, all with the goal of understanding the mysterious connection they have to ancient Egyptian pharaohs. As you might imagine, that connection comes alongside access to powers, as well as a significant responsibility (with great power…).

Variety was the first to announce Netflix’s intent to claim the rights to the trilogy. According to the report, each of the three novels (The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent’s Shadow) is going to get their own film. That’s a huge relief, as no fan wants to see the entire series condensed into one mere movie.

That’s about all the news available at the moment, but we have no doubt that there will be more to come in the following months. Yet one more thing for us fans to look forward to! Stay tuned for details.

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