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Recently, we’ve gotten an onslaught of Rogue One secrets and facts: who got cut from the film, who was a double agent, alternative titles, and which movies inspired the filmmakers. I’m here to tackle this cornucopia of news and put it all in a neat little package. For those of us who loved Rogue One and even those who have conflicting opinions, here’s the Rogue One News Round-Up.

Cut From the Film 

Rogue One – Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)

According to, a Star Wars fan favorite was set to appear in Rogue One. Wedge Antilles was subsequently cut from the final product due to conflicting details; if he appeared in Rogue One, he would’ve already seen the Death Star by the time he comes upon it in A New Hope. Writer Gary Whitta explained that Wedge was to “appear with the other legacy pilots ahead of the final battle…” If he did, his now-famous one-liner in A New Hope (“Look at the size of that thing”) wouldn’t make any sense, as he would’ve already beheld the size of the Death Star. Because of this detail, Wedge hit the cutting room floor. 

Who Was a Double Agent

It has been confirmed by writers Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta that Cassian Andor started out as a double agent for the Empire. In an interview with IGN, the writers stated, “He was always meant to be compromised”. Weitz continued, “In Gary and my versions, he was severely compromised.” Instead of a double agent, Cassian was turned into “a Rebel intelligence officer who had done terrible things”. Whitta shared, “He was a rebel soldier who was secretly working for Krennic” and that “He has a change of heart, and flips to the Rebel side. But that’s after he’s exposed as a spy. And at that point, in the third act, he has to win Jyn’s trust back.” 

It’s a far cry from what we ended up within the final Rogue One. One has to think about how this backstory would’ve affected the new Cassian Andor spin-off coming to Disney+. Possibly it would be more interesting. But at the same time, it would be a lot of time spent within the Empire. 

“Space Hannibal Lector”

Rogue One Changes Left Out of Final Cut
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Along with Cassian Andor’s scrapped path, there was another character who originally went in a slightly different direction; though, not as drastic as Cassian working for the Empire. Borr Gullet, “the purple-skinned Mairan with the ability to read thoughts,” was originally a much more nuanced character. Chris Weitz wrote the character as a “memory trader” who “delights in traumatic memories.” Weitz described him as a “space Hannibal Lector.” Saw Gerrera uses the alien to torture Bodhi Rook on Jedha, which is already bad enough. Throw in an aspect of schadenfreude and you’ve got yourself a dark, disturbed character.  

Films That Inspired Rogue One

In a Work From Home Theater event with IGN, Gary Whitta revealed he wrote an opening crawl for Rogue One. He scrapped it, and multiple others, to “liberate the film from Star Wars tropes.” IGN’s Editor-in-Chief of Entertainment Terri Schwartz shared on Twitter that “The opening sequence was written first” and that Gary Whitta “based the scene on Inglourious Basterds, with the interrogation scene in mind.” Schwartz also shared that scenes from Gladiator and Zero Dark Thirty inspired the ending concept of a “righteous death” and Jyn Erso uncovering the Death Star’s secrets like Jessica Chastain. There is also a tweet from IGN that states “Mads Mikkelsen sees his character as a villain”; Whitta “sees him as a hero.” 

Love or hate Rogue One, you have to admit there are some pretty juicy nuggets of behind-the-scenes action here. In the meantime, look out for more information on the upcoming Rogue One prequel series. Currently, Rogue One is available for streaming on Disney+. 

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