Review – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story #2

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story #2


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Issue 2Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen Rogue One. If not – why not?! Spoilers ahead.

Issue two brings us back into the story with a mini flashback featuring Saw Gerrera retrieving Jyn from her hideout after Krennic has Lyra Erso killed before taking Galen Erso back to finish work on the Death Star. The story fast forwards as quickly as the movie does, moving on to Bodhi Rook being tormented by Saw’s men to try and get the truth out of him. Little do they know, the truth they seek was coming out of his mouth from the start.

A grown up Jyn, now teamed up with K2-SO and Cassian Andor, travel through Jedha in search of Saw as well. Jyn doesn’t want much to do with this mission, and Cassian has his own reasons to try and locate Saw Gerrera. The two maneuver through the town until Stormtroopers cause a scene (as always) and a massive fight scene begins. It’s where K2-SO and Cassian see maybe a slight glimmer of possibility in Jyn as she aids in the fight quite well. The battle only comes to a pause when Chirrut Îmwe tells the Stormtroopers to let them pass in peace. It’s no surprise that they don’t listen, but just like the movie, it’s a surprise to see Chirrut able to tackle all of his opponents without breaking a sweat despite not being able to see them. Granted, Baze Malbus did assist him at the end.

The group is halted by Saw’s men, and only take them to him when Jyn introduces herself. Now the story is truly beginning to pick up some steam. Cassian finds himself with Rook while Jyn finally comes face to face with Saw for the first time in years. A bit of catch up is played out in the dialogue between them, catching each other up as well as the reader in what transpired between them – what caused them to separate. Jyn confesses that she did what was asked of her, to introduce them to Saw Gerrera, and that they can do whatever they want from there, but just like when she was a child, Saw changes her life again by speaking of the rebellion and showing her a message from her father – Galen Erso.

There isn’t much time to do anything, not even react. Jyn and Saw view Galen’s message that describes the flaw within the Death Star. He states that they need to retrieve the Death Star plans to be able to do anything about it and stop the Empire. At the same time that Jyn and Saw are watching the message, the Empire is testing said Death Star… a statement made by firing its intense laser at Jedha City. 


It’s always interesting to see a movie come to life in comic form. To be able to slow the pace down and take in each moment, one by one, each facial expression, the backgrounds, the body language… It’s a way of piecing together tiny details frame by frame. The hard part with that is: can your writer and illustrators convey the emotion and the feeling that the movie version does?

Emilio Laiso and Oscar Bazaldua do a great job with capturing the expression on each character’s face per scene. Even though you can’t hear them, you can understand what they’re feeling. Jyn’s eyebrows especially tell a very moving story. Both did a great job in translating moving picture to art. The attention to detail in the clothing, armor, suits, weapons – none of it is missed. The illustrations do the actors justice and look just like them. It’s not hard to tell who is who; a reader doesn’t have to try and figure it out. The art is very well done.

The coloring is wonderful. Kudos to Rachelle Rosenberg. Shading, highlights, shadows and the use of mostly earth tones throughout the issue capture the moments played out panel by panel perfectly. It’s really easy on the eyes and helps to create flow and movement as the story progresses. It’s easy to enjoy it and get lost in the details.

Rogue One #2: Overall

Being able to take such an impactful movie as Rogue One and break it down panel by panel has to be done a certain way for the story to carry the same emotion, pace, and connection with the viewer – or in this case, reader. I think Marvel really nailed it here. I know the story and knew what to expect, but to have it broken down scene by scene in such a way that I can truly take in every detail of clothes, facial expressions, words… it helps me dive into the characters’ mindsets a bit more. The pace and heart that Rogue One had in movie form isn’t lost in comic form. It’s hard to tell if the rest of the series will carry out the same way, but so far issue two is worth checking out and reading for yourself. Currently, I would still rather watch the movie, but… I have a deep appreciation for what the team is doing here. I’m interested to see how they tackle the next issue.

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