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For those of you who, like me, have been playing RPGs for a while may remember the name Fate. This RPG from Evil Hat has undergone construction and has some new features while keeping some core components from it’s parent game.  Now in its fourth edition, the game’s name has been modified from “F.A.T.E.” to “Fate”.

Fate has changed enough that it doesn’t have to acknowledge it’s parent, so the name changed. The creators are awesome people and are on social media often and will definitely interact with the community. This generic system definitely stands out among the rest of the generics for being the most cinematic RPG out there.

Fate RPG

What grabs most people’s attention in this game is what is referred to as “Aspects.” For some, the idea of this mechanic can be a bit hard to grasp because we normally don’t use this attribute of role-playing in actual mechanics style. It has been just for fluff to make our characters more interesting. Aspects works by expanding beyond what other games would use as creative thinking. For example, lets say I wanted to play ” Sir Puff ‘n’ Stuff the Mage Knight of the Seventh Cloud”. In most games this would just be creative thinking feeding the acting portion of our minds. In Fate though, it goes beyond the creative thinking aspect. You actually use that in conjunction which the action points (called fate points) to add bonuses to your rolls, when it cinematically fits. While this is a fun feature, it creates a bit of a double-edged sword scenario that can have a GM’s head swirling if they’re not used to the mechanic. 

The most important part that Fate has kept from its parent engine is the dice system. You have these four six-sided dice that have two sides of pluses, minuses, and blanks. Most player are use to have a scale start somewhere and go up, for example in a D20 game you have a skill at 15  and then add a D20. In Fate, your skill level represents what is suppose to be your average and it can go up and down, for example if that same skill was a 5 then your low roll would come out to a 1 (if you get minuses on all four dice) and your high roll would be a 9 (if you get pluses on all for dice).

For more info and to learn how to play, you can find groups on Facebook and Google+. You can even read the Fate System Reference Document (SRD). If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will do our best to answer them for you. Have fun and keep roll’n your roles.

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