Dorothy Gets Her Ruby Slippers Back

ruby slippers - Wizard of Oz - found after 13 years

The FBI Returns Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Thirteen years ago in a land far away, also known as Minnesota, a museum was robbed. The item in question was a pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz movie. The shoes were insured for one million dollars. An anonymous donor even offered a one million dollar reward for their safe return. Unfortunately, this offer expired after ten years.

The FBI announced last Tuesday that they had recovered the shoes. They had been recovered during a summer sting operation.

Judy Garlands ruby slippers found after 13 years
Possibly the actual pair in question?

“At the heart of nearly every art crime, we see greed woven into the fabric of the scheme — greed to take it, and greed to profit from its return,” Jill Sanborn, special agent in charge of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI, said in a statement. “Dorothy’s slippers are a treasured piece of Americana, and we are hoping members of the public can help us better fill in the details that will finish the script of this mystery so we can hold accountable all those who were behind the scheme.”

There’s No Place Like Home

After the shoes disappeared in 2005, there was no word as to what happened to them. Then, last year, someone came out of the woodwork and offered the Grand Rapids museum more information. Allegedly, the theft was an attempt to extort the Markel Corporation, who owns the slippers. Multiple suspects have been identified in this case.

These were not the only ruby slippers that existed from The Wizard of Oz. There are, in fact, four pairs in existence. The other three pairs are owned by private collectors. One pair is jointly owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg. These can be found at The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Another pair can be found at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

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