RUMOR: ‘Under the Red Hood’ To Influence Solo ‘Batman’ Film

Under The Red Hood
Batman: Under The Red Hood

After years of releasing individual franchise films, Warner Bros and DC are fulling rolling out their DC Extended Universe. Their upcoming slate looks to be split between two styles. First, there are  solo movies based on Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Second, there are variou “team” movies like Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Green Lantern Corps, and a two-part Justice League film. In the midst of slate announcements and Comic-Con presentations, one question has remained. Where is Batman?

Though Warner Bros has yet to officially confirm, Deadline reported back in July that a solo Batman film was coming. Beyond that good news, the report skyrocketed expectations by stating that Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck would be writing the film, with Affleck staying to direct. That was insanely good news, Affleck is one of the best directors working today and DC looks to be continuing their trend of hiring quality directors for their films. Only problem? It’s October and we still have yet to hear any update from the studio/anyone involved in the project.

JoBlo (via Heroic Hollywood) is more than happy to fulfill our Batman-news needs. They are reporting that the film will be based on various storylines involving the Joker and the Jason Todd iteration of Robin. Namely, Judd Winnick’s Under the Red Hood and Jim Starlin’s A Death in the Family are said to be major influence for the upcoming batflick.

Here’s where things get a little muddy. By writing about this are we automatically getting into spoiler territory for the film? In a situation similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if you know the Red Hood storyline then you know major plot points for the upcoming film. Without getting too detailed, the Red Hood/Death in the Family storylines see Batman facing off with the Joker in the wake of Jason Todd’s (brutal) death. In the realm of rumors/reports, this pretty much serves as confirmation that Jared Ledo’s Joker will be the villain of the upcoming solo Batman film. This type of plot has already been speculated by fans due to the Batman v Superman trailer released back in July. There is a blatant shot of Robin’s costume with sinister writing all over the memorial: “HAHA! JOKE’S ON YOU BATMAN.”

A Death in the Family
A Death in the Family

There has been a lot of discussion and fan theories online where people speculate that Jason Todd actually becomes the Joker. At this time, there is nothing to validate that type of speculation, but reports like this have to be leading to an official batmovie announcement soon. Ben Affleck just announced he started filming his fourth film, Live By Night. The reports from July all detailed that Warner Bros’ and Affleck had come to an agreement: they let Affleck make Live By Night and Affleck will make a Batman movie for them.

So far, everything looks to be going according to plan. The upcoming solo Batman movie looks to star Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Jeremy Irons (Alfred), Jared Leto (The Joker), and is expected to be released in 2018.  

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