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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead #97

The Walking Dead, if you are into comics or TV and have not heard of this series, then I assume you are a Zombie, or a shut in of some kind with no connection to the outside world. In either case, chances are you won’t be reading this so stuff ya.


The hit comic book and TV series have experienced success across the globe and both are still going strong. The latest offering from the comic series, The Walking Dead #97 – Something To Fear Part 1, shows that there is still hope among the rag tag bunch of survivors.

If you need a quick recap then here goes………… deep breath………..

Zombies come.

People get eaten.

Well, that about raps that up.

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While it’s true that there is very little room to show us anything new in the Zombie genre, dead people come to life and eat brains, there is a lot to be said for this series. And in The Walking Dead’s defense, there is very little in this day in age that we haven’t seen before, but so as long as the story is presented and entertaining, I’m in.

This latest issue of The Walking Dead comic sees the start of a new story arch and hope spreading through the people of the Hill top community. While heading back to the community with supplies, Rick has a run in with Negan and lines are drawn. Could this be the start of a new optimistic future for the residents of the Hill top or a new reason to fear? Only time will tell.

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This is an exciting series with a lot of good characters and is easy to follow at any point. Written by Robert Kirkman and featuring art by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, this series shows no sign of slowing down or letting us take a breath. Which is good; who needs to breath any way?

Look out for The Walking Dead #97 from 9th May, 2012, and the return of The Walking Dead TV series in October.

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