Russell Crowe Could Have Been Wolverine!

Gladiator With Claws 

That’s right, Bub. The amazing Russell Crowe was originally offered the iconic role of Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film. In an interview with Howard Stern, the topic of Wolverine came up; Crowe insisted he wouldn’t have been able to bring the same type of life to the character as Hugh Jackman did.


Russell Crowe - photo by Eva Rinaldi
Russell Crowe
photo by Eva Rinaldi

Here’s some earlier statements from Russell Crowe further on the topic, thanks to the awesome


“Bryan [Singer] was a friend at the time,” Crowe explained in 2017. “And he was really putting the pressure on. If you remember, [in Gladiator,] Maximus has a wolf at the center of his cuirass, and he has a wolf as his companion … which I thought was going to be a bigger deal [at the time]. So I said no because I didn’t want to be ‘wolfy’, like ‘Mr. Wolf’ …When Ridley [Scott] was cutting the movie, it was inconvenient to keep the dog alive — so the whole wolf thing, no one ever mentions it!”

Hugh Knows

Hugh Jackman mentioned the situation back in 2012 (Again, thanks, CB):

“I owe [Russell] because two of the biggest roles I’ve ever had in my life, he turned down — and suggested me for them,” Jackman explained in 2012. “On X-Men, he was Bryan Singer’s first choice for Wolverine, and he mentioned me also for [Baz Luhrmann’s] Australia. He really is incredibly smart, and generous.”

Hugh’s Next to Wear the Claws?

Ever since Jackman blew us away with his last performance as the iconic Canadian mutant in Logan, the question has been who will put on the claws next. Honestly, I don’t care who does because Hugh Jackman’s performance has embodied a role/character in a way that few rarely do, that will live on. Whoever is next, I’m open to watch their interpretation and wish them the best luck, and will support them as much as I can. 

Sound Off

Who do you want to see, Bub, in future X-Men Disney films? Let me know down below!

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