Ryan Reynolds Trolls The Entire Internet


Got To Troll Em’ All


As a society, can we all agree upon the one universal truth? Ryan Reynolds has become the greatest marketing agency for any movie he stars in. If you don’t agree just go watch all his post during the lead up to the first Deadpool movie. There was the Halloween video, the romantic comedy billboards, the accidental leak of the test footage, etc.

Well, internet he’s done it again! Ryan Reynolds, who shall now be known as The Marketing Wizard, has taken the internet by storm for his lead up to his latest film Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Good Ole 25

If you don’t know Pikachu then I  don’t know why you care about this post, but TMW (The Marketing Wizard) Reynolds will be starring as Pikachu in Pokemon Detective Pikachu. The build-up to this film has been filled with great videos from Mr. Reynolds. Like his Becoming Pikachu video, his Get Ready video, Pikachu uses… Foot Massage? video, etc. 

But Mr Reynolds has outdone himself this time ladies, gentleman, and pokemon trainers. On his official twitter, that’s right he’s verified… would be a little weird if one of the biggest stars didn’t have their twitter verified… anyway! 

On Twitter the other day, Pikachu himself, tweeted out a link directed towards Warner Bros and the Detective Pikachu account that seemed to be sending people to a leaked version of the film.

Who’s That Pokemon… Major Motion Film Leak From?

Now you all might not know this about me, but I consider myself to be one of the internet’s greatest detectives. So I did what any other great detective would do… I clicked the link. That was about it. Just kind of clicked it you know? Hand on the mouse, but not the yellow mouse. Didn’t want to get shocked. 

To my surprise that link took me to the greatest video I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Watch it right here and be prepared to smile! (Note to the editor please put the link here to the video so everyone can feel the same joy I had watching the video? Also, can you leave this bit in because I think it reads well and I want people to know we had this quick little dialogue in the piece itself? Thanks! Love you)


Final Thoughts 

How bad does your face hurt from smiling so much? Good! Yeah so let’s just all remember that Ryan Reynolds is a nerds best friend and go watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu this weekend! I’m going to watch it tomorrow so I’m pretty hyped.

Sound Off

Do you think Mr. Reynolds is TMW? Who’s your favorite pokemon? Arcanine right? Dope. Let me know how excited you are for the first live action pokemon film down in the comments below!

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