Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies Series Is Finally Getting an Adaptation


It’s Finally Happening: Uglies Is Coming to Netflix

Fans of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series rejoice! The series has been officially picked up by Netflix, and is well underway.


Scott Westerfeld - Uglies series covers
Scott Westerfeld – Uglies series covers

Uglies is a four-novel series written by Scott Westerfeld. The series is set in the future where our society has failed, and we are known as “the Rusties”. It’s a world where technology has advanced by leaps and boundsβ€”and the politics and threats have as well.

In this world, everyone goes through an operation when they hit sixteen. They’re made healthier, and prettier. Only, it turns out that everything isn’t quite as pretty as they want you to believe. The series follows Tally on her journey through this world, and her battle against expectations, pressure, and so much worse.

The whole series is a commentary on societal expectations and beauty standards. It’s a series that many of us grew up reading, and it had a profound impact on our lives and the way we view ourselves.

Uglies on Netflix

Netflix has learned a lesson well: find novels and series loved by the fans, and adapt them. More than that, make the adaptation loyal. It’s the missing element that many studios seem to be missing out on.

It’s also the reason why there’s high hope for the Uglies adaptation. Well, that and the fact that Scott Westerfeld is one of the executive producers, alongside Joey King (The Kissing Booth). King is also going to star in the adaptation, presumably as Tally.

Other News

The Uglies adaptation seems to be moving forward at a smooth pace, with plenty of information already becoming readily available. McG has been brought on to direct, while Krista Vernoff is adapting the novels into script format.

According to Variety, John Davis & Jordan Davis (Davis Entertainment Company) are producers, alongside Robyn Mesinger (Anonymous Content), Dan Spilo (Industry Entertainment), and McG and Mary Viola (Wonderland).

So far, that’s all the news we have. Yet that is still plenty to go on, and more than enough to raise the hopes of eager fans. Hopefully, more casting news will leak in the future, so the world of Uglies can be further fleshed out.

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