Scream Renewed for Third Season on MTV

Scream fans were understandably nervous going into the second season finale because the show had been struggling with ratings. But now, just ahead of Scream’s Halloween special, The Hollywood Reporter states that the show has been renewed for a third season.

Celebrate the Third Season of Scream!

Because Scream’s third season was just announced, no one knows much about the plot. Presumably, the show will be continuing the story of Lakewood, but just how many revenge-minded killers can one small town hold?

If the Scream season two finale is to be believed, at least one more.

In an admirable move – one that definitely made me cheer for her, Emma didn’t kill Kieran at the end of last season, even after it was revealed that he’d been Piper’s accomplice all along. The last scene of the finale showed Kieran receiving a call from someone who claimed the Brandon James mask as his (or her) own.

The show also gave us one more twist when Emma’s mom’s note to Brandon to “stay away from” Emma got returned via a knife. Could the new Ghostface be Brandon James? What about Troy James, who got brought up a lot during Scream’s second season?

Scream TVWhether the new killer is a James brother or instead yet another person Emma trusts, we can only hope that Scream will continue its upward trajectory content-wise. Though the second season wasn’t as bloody as the first, the show wisely dug into the Lakewood Six’s trauma, helping us care about their survival.

Part of the change in quality could have been due to the replacement of Scream’s showrunners between the first and second season, and in the show’s third season, we’ll find out if that’s the case. Yet again, the showrunners will change between seasons.

Original showrunners Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia stepped down after one season, and it looks like replacements Michael Gans and Richard Register have done the same.

It’s unknown at this time who will replace Gans and Register or if the new showrunners will take their cues from last season and the Halloween episodes.

Scream: The Bad News

Leave it to Scream to pull a twist on us. Along with the third season renewal, MTV announced that the season would be a shortened one. Season three will only be six episodes long, which is fewer than both seasons one and two.

Naturally, a shorter season can cause fear that your show might get cancelled, but thinking positively for a second, the short season could be good for Scream.

Several episodes in both season one and two drew out specific plotlines too long – I’m definitely thinking about the “Audrey might be Piper’s accomplice” plot – and six episodes doesn’t leave the show much time for anything but murder, mayhem, and mystery.

Scream may just be all the better for that.

The two-hour Halloween special of Scream will air Tuesday, October 18 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Season three is expected to air in 2017.

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