SDCC – Godzilla Poster and Trailer Shown

One of the surprises (at least for me) from SDCC this year was the teaser poster for the new American remake of Godzilla.  There was news months ago about a remake, but I have not heard much since then.  Image my complete and welcomed surprise when news of a teaser post and trailer were released in Hall H at SDCC.  Opinions varied as to the wow-factor of the trailer, but from what I have gathered from the many descriptions already released, it looks like this WILL be a movie worth seeing.

Probably some of the best news so far is that this Godzilla will be a man in a suit and not a CGI/MoCap character.  Like its Japanese counterparts, director Gareth Edwards appears to be going with fan expectations rather than expensive realism that many say ruined (along with a poor script and bad acting) the 1998 Godzilla remake by ID4 makers Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.  So far no firm release date has been set and we’ll have to settle for descriptions of the teaser until footage is sneaked onto YouTube or it officially released by the studio.

So hey, don’t just take my word for it.  Check out these descriptions of the teaser trailer and judge for yourself whether you’ll be shelling out your money to see Godzilla when it hit theaters.


The footage pans across a city that has been utterly destroyed. We hear a voice over a radio talking about the end of the world. It looks like another giant creature’s body is in the wreckage. We hear the classic Godzilla scream. From the smoke, we see something enormous. We’re following a camera up Godzilla’s back, showing his scales. We see his face, but it’s almost a silhouette. It looks a LOT like the classic Godzilla design but with a slightly fatter face.
The narration is from Robert Oppenheimer. “We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed. Few people cried. Most were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture. The Bhagavad-Git… takes on his multi-armed form” (This is were we see the other, dead creature)
“And says, ‘I am become death. Destroyer of worlds.” That’s where we see Godzilla’s face and the logo
That’s the narration in the trailer. It’s a Robert Oppenheimer quote about the atomic bomb.


“We just wanted to make a kick ass Godzilla movie…” They unveiled a surprise Godzilla teaser and it looks kind of awesome. Epicly destroyed city, buildings smashed through, shows a curled up Godzilla, and he gets and roars. Crowd goes wild. I’m actually impressed, looks kick ass. “The destroyer of worlds.”
“We could talk about it or just see the footage again…” Of course, the crowd cheers and they show it again. Looks just as amazing a second time, gives me chills, looks fantastic and it’s barely just a tease with silhouettes of the beasts and a roar.


We see huge black clouds, massive smoke, and slowly it clears away revealing a ruined city. There are hundreds of crashed cars and rubble — buildings are broken in half and people are crawling over the sideways ruins of buildings. Some buildings have had massive chunks torn out of the middle of them, like when a cartoon character runs through a wall.
We see the side of something huge, like a mountain. We only slowly realize it’s actually a monster. There is something like lava running down the side of it. And then there are huge CLAWS. The monnster is laying on its side. There is a huge Godzilla scream! Like a massive trumpet sounding!
And then Godzilla is rampaging through the city, trashing buildings with its huge claw. Buildings collapse. THOOM. A giant arm swipes across the city and everything crashes. We see its massive spiky back and then the trademark face. The monster opens its mouth and SCREAMS.


The footage fades in and we see a massively destroyed city landscape, with people standing around wondering what in the hell just happened. The camera pans across the devastated city revealing buildings torn up buildings with giant holes in them. Godzilla has obviously smashed his way through them. We then see a six-armed monster laying dead in the city rubble. There’s a lot of dust flooding the screen, but we can see Godzilla through the dust, the camera moves up his back and we see the scales and horns on his back and tail. As it gets up to the top of his head he turns, we see his profile, and lets out the signature blood curdling booming scream, and then it ends.



An image of Godzilla from the teaser trailer



Sources:  ShockTillYouDrop, FirstShowing, io9 and GeekTyrant





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