SDCC – The MCU and the DCEU

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is here and with it, we get some more looks at what’s to come in the world of comics and films. I’m of course talking about Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League. Both films released all new trailers at the con, building the hype for each of them.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok posterThe first trailer for Thor 3 was brilliant. It gave us all quite the tease and had Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” as the back track. I honestly could’ve been fine with just that trailer. But now, at SDCC we get a second, introducing us to some more of the characters, expanding what we already know from the first trailer. This second trailer is a lot of fun. We see Mjolnir destroyed once more, another peek at the Thor/Hulk gladiator match, and we got a little peek at what Cate Blanchett’s Hela will be. “We’re going to put together a team,” Thor says, obviously hinting at a mini-team up against Hela. Also, at the very end, we got to see Hulk jumping to smash this giant demon looking thing, I think an agent of Hela’s army or what not.

What isn’t explored is how Hulk came to be in the Cosmic area of the MCU. I hope that is well explored in Ragnarok. This trailer is a great follow up to the first, it expands but keeps that very fun feel to it. Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie looks like a fun character who could be the standout new comer, too. Thor: Ragnarok is going to be a blast.

Justice League

Justice League posterAt SDCC we got another peek at DC’s big team up film, Justice League. The DCEU has been a mess of mixed barrel reviews and feelings. It hasn’t convinced everyone that it knows what it’s doing. Wonder Woman was a colossal success last month, almost bringing the universe to new heights and showing that they can be groundbreaking while following in Marvel’s footsteps in a cinematic universe. Wonder Woman was a beacon of hope for the DCEU, but will Justice League follow it well?

This new trailer really focusses on the heroes (or meta-humans) after Superman’s death in BvS. The action sequences that were shown off look rather impressive, but that has to come with a movie of this caliber. We got to see more of Ezra Miller’s Flash as well as Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, but look to be show-stealers here. I’m hoping this film isn’t as messy as previous DC titles.

With introducing a bunch of new characters in one movie comes a lot of potential for plot missteps and muddled character progression. We don’t get a good look at the main villain, however, we’re given enough to safely assume that it is in fact Darkseid. There were a few displays the of immense power he wields; let’s hope he’s treated right here because after the careless use of Doomsday in BvS, and the bland Enchantress in Suicide Squad, and the underwhelming Ares in Wonder Woman, Darkseid needs to be good.

Where’s Infinity War?

If it seems like I’m more accepting of everything in the Thor trailer than the JL trailer, you’re right. Marvel has been extremely consistent recently and I have the utmost faith in them to put out a great Thor movie that may hold the most weight in the universe until we get Infinity War. Speaking of, we didn’t get to see anything out of SDCC of Infinity War. It’s possible they’re holding onto it, perhaps closer to Ragnarok’s release; but we know that there was some footage shown at Disney’s Expo, D23, just a week before SDCC. Will we see a trailer first, or will we get some leaked footage of that D23 showcase? I just can’t wait any longer.

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