SDCC – Thor: Ragnarok Trailer


The awesome just keeps pouring out of SDCC with this new trailer for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.  So let’s some up just what this trailer has to show for itself.  Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, destroyed by the God of Death Hela brilliantly played by Cate Blanchett.  Thor with short hair.  Gladiator Hulk, as adapted from Planet Hulk.  Loki’s return.  Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe.  Valkyrie, a bad ass Asgardian warrior, Karl Urban as Skurge, another Asgardian warrior who betrays his people to Hela.  And last but certainly not least, a talking Hulk (finally).

What else could you possibly want from this third entry in Marvel Studios’ Thor franchise?

Thor: Ragnarok poster
Thor: Ragnarok poster

Since the character of Thor is a vital part of the Avengers team, it made sense that Marvel introduced the character in his own solo film.  But much like the one and done Hulk reboot, that could have been it for the Prince of Asgard.  Marvel has recently stated that it has no plans for another Hulk film.  The two previous Thor films received less than stellar interest from moviegoers.  The two films were weak in story and character development.

This third installment seems to have pulled out all of the stops.  Adopting several stories straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics, Thor: Ragnarok seems to be killing a number of birds with one giant hammer.  Giving Bruce Banner/Hulk a little more to do than roaring and destroying buildings, the writers have incorporated the widely popular Planet Hulk into this film.  What could have served as a fantastic second Hulk movie is being written into Thor’s story line.  The idea has yet to draw too much fire from fans, who seem to be satisfied the story is being used at all.  Planet Hulk and the follow-up arc World War Hulk were two of the most popular story arcs in the character’s history.

Instead of pitting the Hulk against nearly the entire Marvel Universe, the writers opted instead for using Hulk to help Thor free themselves and others from the clutches of Grandmaster.  However, Thor: Ragnarok looks like an epically fun and exciting film and based purely on the trailers so far, this may prove to be the most successful of the Thor films.

Check out the trailer below and please let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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