Sea of Thieves Closed Beta and Sets Sail

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta and Has Great First Day

This weekend Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated game from Rare and Microsoft, finally left Alpha and entered Closed Beta. Their first day of being live brought tons of activity to their servers and over 200,000 viewers to Twitch.

I have been playing the Sea of Thieves Alpha for about four months, and I have been very hyped the entire time. Finally, after months and months of wanting to talk about Sea of Thieves, and share the amazing game-play the non-disclosure agreement has finally been lifted!

Sea of Thieves was announced at E3 2015 and reintroduced at E3 2016 and 2017.

The developers over at Rare have done a great job of delivering a quality, original and fun co-op experience. 

Original Experiences

Sea of ThievesThere have been a lot of memorable moments in the past four months of playing Sea of Thieves, but I will try and contain myself to the Closed Beta. Rare is trying to focus on a group experience, and they are hoping they can supply users with enough tools for players to create their own adventures. This game is not exactly for people who want to have an in-depth story. This game is all about teaming up with your friends, having a blast, hunting treasure, playing music, drinking grog, and living that pirate life. 

You spawn in a tavern with the basic gear you will need to be a pirate. Some of that gear is a sword, a gun, a compass, a shovel, a cup and musical instruments! The musical instruments and cups might seem irrelevant but they are very important tools. 

Your instruments are synced up together so everyone sounds good in groups. The cup allows you to drink grog, which can be a lot of fun with friends. Basically, these are tools that allow you to socialize. These tools are what has created a lot of the original and fun experiences for me. Allowing the player to just have tools for fun, even when it doesn’t enhance PVE or PVP at all, is a great feature.


After you spawn into a tavern, you set out on your adventure. You assume the role of a pirate who can have a crew of 1 to 4 people. The more people you have in your crew the bigger your ship is, which means the more micromanaging you need. That boat is waiting for you outside parked at the docks. You can talk to one of the faction points of contact to pick up an adventure. Once you get on your boat you can vote on which adventure you want to go on. These adventures are treasure maps generally. You are given a map with a classic “X marks the spot” on a certain island.

There are also adventures that give you a set of riddles which will lead you to a location. Your job is to set sail and attain the treasure. 

Once you have that treasure you can go on more adventures, or you can go back to a safe zone and turn in your treasure. Your treasure is not safe until you turn your treasure chest in for gold.

Sea of Thieves ShipYou can also decide to go hunt other crews of pirates and take their hard earned treasure for your own. So, at any point, another crew can attack you for your treasure too. There is a lot of pressure in the decision making and often you only have a few seconds to make up your mind. Making the wrong choice can lead to you losing everything you have worked for!

So, to make it simple, get treasure chests either by following maps or looting other pirates and turn those chests in for gold. Rinse and repeat until you get enough money to buy that new shotgun you have your eye on.

New Loot

You earn money from trading in treasure chests. Gaining reputation with different factions opens up new cosmetics and weapons for you to attain. You can buy extra cosmetics or new weapons upgrades. You can also buy new adventures to help you earn more money. 

Over the past months of playing Sea of Thieves in Alpha, I have seen the developers add a lot of content for you to spend gold on. At E3 2017 there was basically nothing you could spend your gold on. Now there is a lot of new loot for you to spend your hard earned gold on, and that is what this is all about… The loot. 


There is a lot to love, but in the end, there is not a lot of content. There are a lot of adventures to go on, but after doing a couple they start feeling very copied and pasted. 

Fighting other pirates, running from sharks, diving into the depths of sunken ships, fighting off the undead and more have created a lot of memorable experiences. I look forward to all the updates coming in the future and to have more time living the pirate life in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is on Xbox One and Windows 10. Have you played Sea of Thieves in Alpha or Closed Beta? What are your thoughts?

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