Sean Bean is Back from the Dead in ‘The Untamed’


From Stranger Comics—





“I was given a second chance in death. Vengeance was offered, and I was quick to accept.”


Based on the Graphic Novel, Stranger Comics has posted a pitch animatic done by Film Roman (The Simpsons, Hellboy Animated) for THE UNTAMED Animated TV series. The piece is not final animation, but a rough sketch which gives an idea of the cinematic mood that the series will have and it features voiceover by actor Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings). The story, a dark vengeance saga set within a brutal fantasy world is about a dead man who makes a deal with the devil to harvest the seven souls of his betrayers, and is based on the seven issue comic book series by Stranger Comics president Sebastian A. Jones (Dusu, I Am Mixed) and illustrated by Peter Bergting (Baltimore, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter).


The show will be directed by Alex Soto (Ultimate Spider-Man) and produced by Film Roman’s general manger Dana Booton (Ultimate Spider-Man, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) alongside Lloyd Levin (Hellboy, Watchmen) and Andrew Cosby (Eureka, Two Guns) with Andrew Sugerman (Conviction, Death Sentence) and creator Jones. Tomm Coker (Punisher, Batman, Daredevil) provided the concept art for the show, which can be seen in the animatic, keeping the gritty “Frazetta Western” mood and tone of the comic series.


Jones said of the project, “I have been creating this world for over two decades. I am just excited and honored to work with such an amazing creative force that is bringing this vision to life. Of course, it goes without saying that, as a life-long fantasy fan, having Sean Bean involved is a privilege.”


Fans of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones will recognize Sean from his roles in those projects, and likely remember him for his early exits. “That’s what everyone says about Sean,” said Jones. “He always dies in brilliant fashion. Well, in our story, he gets a chance to come back to settle the score.”


The graphic novel, which was illustrated by Bergting in conjunction with Stranger art director Darrell May (Dusu, Pinata), will be released in an oversized hardcover edition later this year, but an exclusive, limited edition hardcover is available early to backers of a Kickstarter campaign the company is running.


“We decided to test the waters to see what demand was like. We were an immediate staff pick and hit our target goal in 6 days. To me, this proves there is an insatiable appetite for quality stories set in unique fantasy settings.” Jones went on to say, “We have a lot more planned for the Untamed world of Asunda. Right now, I’m working with Amandla Stenberg (Hunger Games, Sleepy Hollow) on a prose series about Niobe, a young girl who plays a major role in The Untamed, and Sheldon Mitchell (The Darkness), is working on the comic series Erathune, where Niobe has blossomed into a warrior queen. But there’s also more to come with The Untamed. What happens in the Town of Oasis is the striking of a match that will set the world ablaze.”




Would you damn yourself to save the ones you love? Hidden within the Desert of the Dying Tree lies a town run by ruthless killers, a growing cancer upon the vast and volatile fantasy world of Asunda. Some say it’s a watering hole for the devil. For one man, it’s a second chance at revenge… and a last chance at redemption.


A man with no name has returned to the brutal Town of Oasis. A mysterious Stranger whose violent past haunts his every footstep. It’s been ten years since his wife and child were on the verge of turning him from wickedness, but they were murdered and so was he. Now, the Stranger has been released from Hell to reap the seven souls responsible. But having little recollection of his former life, the Stranger is lost in a sea of faded memories, glimpses of the life that was taken from him coming back in broken shards as he leaves a bloody trail. 


Conflict arises when lust for his lover steers him from his path of vengeance, and hate is tempered by the young orphan Niobe, who reminds him of his daughter. She acts as his conscience and ultimately his only hope for salvation.


Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games The Untamed The Untamed cover


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