Secret Agent Poyo #1- CHEW Spinoff Review- AND Merchandise!


The comic book that has brought me the most joy, little fretting but lots of anticipation is the surprise hit and Eisner Award winning CHEW.  Published by Image Comics, John Layman and Rob Guillory now present my favorite character in a spin off- Secret Agent Poyo #1.  Billed as a one-off, I hope this is just one of many, especially since I know CHEW has an expiration date that looms ahead.

Poyo, the cockfighting champion of the island Yamapalu is now a rebuilt, cyber enhanced partner of Chew’s former partner John Colby at the USDA.  When he appears in CHEW, Poyo steals the show and it’s great he finally gets a chance to spread his wings and “Bwakawww!”  to full effect.

You may ask, as the President does on the opening pages, “Why all this over a rooster?” Why? Because “Poyo is just really badass.”  And what happens when the US tries to make a weapon of “the purest manifestation of rage and terror that the world has ever known?” You will have to read Secret Agent Poyo to find out  but it’s worth every second.  This issue is one crazy trip from battling the forces of Hell, to an English town being rained down on by sheep, and back to the USDA. It even features a little bit of romance.

Some CHEW favorites drop in, the writing is as strong as you would expect, and I always just grow more in awe of Rob Guillory’s artistic stylings and believe this cover is his best to date.  If you are a fan of CHEW, this is a must buy. If you haven’t given CHEW a try yet, get thee to your local comic store now and go here for CHEW swag.  Secret Agent Poyo #1 is on sale now and list price is $3.50.

And if Poyo’s solo debut was not enough, be still my beating fangirl heart- there is a promise of chogs! Per the CHEW blog, CHEW and The Skelton Crew will be releasing a line of prop replicas based on the series.  I am ecstatic at the thought of my own Poyo or possibly later, if the line is a success, a Buttercup. Check here and at these websites to stay in the loop and

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