Could We See A Game of Thrones Prequel Book?

Fans of the Song of Ice and Fire series may have a new reasons to rejoice: a prequel book may be coming. According to the man himself, there is so much more to the Game of Thrones universe that we could read so the possibility is there.

“I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones, so there’s a lot of material there and I’m writing more,” Martin told Deadline, backstage at the Emmy’s.


Fans don’t need to worry about this delaying the books, though, because it’s not even certain that it’ll happen, but Martin assured that the books are a priority to finish before anything else can begin. However, just the prospect is exciting. The war between Robert Baratheon’s armies and the Targaryens could span an entire book or more. But there is the story of Rhaegar, which many have expressed interest in reading, the original conquering of Westeros by Aegon Targaryen, his sisters,  and their dragons, old Westeros before there was one king ruling over all, old Valeria and the doom that befell it, and so much more. Honestly, Martin could write an entire second book series (of who knows how many books) just about the history he has created for Westeros and the world it exists within. It would effectively be Martin’s Silmarillion; the history book for his created world. Certainly something to hope for, though knowing Martin it will be a bit more colorful and violent than Tolkien’s work.

Game of Thrones Ep 59 - Battle of the Bastards

What about a show?

That leads to another question that the fans will have: will there be a prequel TV series following this book (or books)? Fans can only hope, because it would be incredible to see. There would be many more dragons and battles, love stories that destroy empires, and the destruction of ancient, advance civilizations. Very few fan wouldn’t want to see that.

This is not a definite work that Martin is planning, but just knowing that he is toying with the idea is exciting. Guess fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts on a potential ASOIAF prequel? 

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