Serial Box and Marvel Are Teaming Up


Serial Box And Marvel Teaming To Bring Us Serialized Stories


Serial Box and Marvel just announced that they’ll be teaming up in order to bring us serialized stories from the Marvel Universe. We’ll be getting to see our favorites heroes in an all-new format!

Serial Box

Serial Box is a newer startup company dedicated to a new storytelling format. They’re somewhere between television shows and novels. By that, we mean that they publish stories in a serial format like you would expect to see in a television show.

They even go so far as to call each collection a season. Each season has between 10 and 16 installments, all with an average of about 40 minute reading time (time may vary depending on reading speed).

The installments are designed to be capable to read both on their own and as a collective. This is a truly unique and new form of storytelling.

Serial Box And Marvel To Team Up
Serial Box And Marvel To Team Up

Serial Box and Marvel

Right out of the gate we’re already getting some amazing promises from this team-up. Thor, Jessica Jones, Black Panther, and Black Widow are all getting their own series. And there will likely be more to come, assuming the experiment is a success.

Marvel has been open to experimenting in storytelling formats as of late. Between their movies, multiple TV and Netflix attempts, and their novelizations, they’ve been doing a lot other than simply publishing graphic novels. So it’s only natural that they’d make this jump.


The first of the Marvel series due to release will be Thor. That’s a solid choice since the character is well-loved and will have plenty of fans following him. We’re hoping to see it start releasing sometime in the summer, but there has been no official date yet.

So far four authors have been pulled in for writing Thor’s serial series. Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Brian Keene, Jay Edidin, and Yoon Ha Lee.


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