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Marvel Focusing On Representation


According to a recent report from Deadline, Marvel Studios is currently working on a live-action Shang-Chi movie. Hoping to recreate the success that was behind Black Panther. The studio is moving forward with their first film to include an Asian lead. After the backlash that Iron Fist received not only for the white lead (seen by some as a modern-day white savior) but also for the lack of featured Asian characters so this could be a good course correction for Marvel. The studio possibly shifting a focus to include diversity and representation in their films.  

Dave Callaham Credit: Donald Bowers/Getty Images

As of now attached to the film is screenwriter Dave Callaham. Callaham, whose works include the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 and The Expendables (my personal testosterone filled guilty pleasure), is so far the only named that is attached which is understandable this early in development. The studio is also looking for an Asian or Asian-American director to bring their vision to the screen. Hoping that they will bring a personal vision and touch to the project. Similar to what Ryan Coogler was able to achieve with Black Panther. 

Who is Shang-Chi?

Probably not the most well known martial artist in the Marvel Universe that begs to question who is Shang-Chi? Shang-Chi first appeared on the pages of Special Edition Marvel #15 in 1973. He was created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin, also you might recognize Starlin as the creator of Thanos.

Raised by a criminal mastermind father Shang-Chi uses the training he received as a child to fight for good. His abilities can be compared to Batman being that they are similar in the way that they are normal men pushing their bodies to be at their peak condition. He has done battle alongside Spider-Man, The Thing and even ROM The Space Knight. He is a member of Heroes for Hire and the Avengers so it makes sense that after his first feature we could see him partner up with the other MCU heroes.  

So what do you think of this news? Was Shang-Chi a smart choice to pursue? Are there any other lesser known characters that should be pursued? Personally, I would love a Fantomex movie. But let us know your thoughts down below!   


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