Sherlock Homes: The Army of Doctor Moreau

“Intoxicating stuff, delivered with real flair, and a worthy addition to Titan Books’ growing library of Holmes tales by diverse hands.” – Crime Time

Just when you thought that nothing new could be done to the Sherlock Holmes franchise (and yes, I’m including the awesomeness that is the BBC television revamp starring Benedict Cumberbatch), we are presented with yet another addition to the classic and enduring character. Sherlock Holmes: Army of Doctor Moreau has big shoes to fill, but holds the promise of something great.

Written by Guy Adams–by no means a stranger to either the world of Sherlock Holmes or of the horror genre–and published by Titan Books, Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Doctor Moreau follows the exploits of Holmes and Watson as they investigate a series of deaths seemingly done by wild animals. Their investigation leads them to none other than Doctor Moreau and his experiments of genetically engineered animal-human hybrids. However, what starts out as a project designed by Moreau to prove the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin quickly turns into an act of vengeful pride as a result of not being taken seriously by his peers.

Suffice to say, Holmes and Watson get more than what they bargained for in the course of their investigation.

Due to be released this coming August, Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Doctor Moreau promises to deliver something new and fantastic not only to the mystery/crime fiction genre, but also to a character who has become nothing short of timeless since his creation. Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character, and all the novels that have followed since his creator’s death will no doubt find this latest novel to be a fine and interesting addition to their collection.

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