Should Black Panther Lead the Avengers?

With the success of Black Panther, T’Challa is getting a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Avengers: Infinity War, some Avengers will no longer be with us. If Captain America or Iron Man do not make it, T’Challa should be the next person to lead the Avengers. 

Black Panther the Strategist 

Black Panther - T'Challa vs Killmonger - cr. Marvel & Disney
Black Panther, cr. Marvel/Disney

In the movie, T’Challa was able to trap Killmonger in the vibranium mine along with himself. He was able to de-power Killmonger’s suit and finally kill him. He also had a plan in place to capture Klaue and have him face Wakandan justice. While not every plan of T’Challa’s is perfect, he manages to think on his feet and adapt to the situation. 

In Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa was determined to find the Winter Soldier. He was able to confront him on the roof without any help. He even figured out that Zemo was behind Captain America fighting Iron Man, and stopped him in the end. T’Challa has always been a brilliant mind; he is more than capable of leading the Avengers.

The Fighter

Not only is T’Challa a brilliant mind, he is an excellent fighter. He held his own against Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Those two are some of the greatest fighters in the MCU. In his own movie, he defeated M’Baku without the gifts of the panther god Bast. T’Challa has a mastery of many martial arts. That makes him a formidable force in the universe.

Even when facing his toughest opponents, like Killmonger, he manages to come through in the end.  T’Challa was able to lead the Dora Milaje into the war against the Border Tribe. T’Challa was able to end the fight without many casualties. He is a fearless leader who knows how to succeed on the battlefield. 

Will Marvel Let Him Lead?

Black Panther is doing better than the rest of the Marvel films up to date. This proves that people enjoy T’Challa and would love to see him in more movies. There is no better place for him than leader of the Avengers. If Captain America or Iron Man die in Infinity War, then T’Challa should take their place as leader. 

How About Shuri?

Black Panther - Shuri - cr. Marvel/Disney
Black Panther, cr. Marvel/Disney

Shuri has become a fan-favorite character after the movie was released. Many fans hoping to see more of her have come up with their own theory. They believe that she may become Ironheart in the MCU. Ironheart is a recent addition to Marvel comics. Riri Williams—Ironheart—took over for Iron Man after the events of Civil War II and was even given an AI of Tony Stark.

There is no doubt Shuri could possibly build her own Iron Man suit if she wanted. Though she seems more invested in Wakanda and her brother rather than saving the world on her own. Besides, if she wanted to build her own suit of armor, she probably would have done that already. She does not generally ask for permission. 

Should the Avengers Trust T’Challa?

T’Challa may have all of the qualifications, but he is still new to the team. If the Marvel movies are going on in real time, that would mean they only met him two years ago. There is no denying he has helped them out, but he clearly had his own agenda. Iron Man clearly is not going to give leadership to a man he barely knows or can trust. T’Challa even let Captain America and Winter Soldier hide in Wakanda after they were considered war criminals. 

T’Challa also put the needs of Wakanda before the needs of other countries. Sure, he has changed his ways at the end of his movie, but can he manage leading a team in America and being a king in Wakanda? He will have time to help the Avengers when they need it, but maybe he can’t run the team.

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