Should Kevin Smith Direct the DCU Flash Movie?

Should Kevin Smith Direct the DCU Flash Movie?


Directors cannot keep up with The Flash

About seven months ago I wrote an article entitled Should Warner Bros. let Kevin Smith Direct a DC Comics Film? At that time director Seth Grahame-Smith had dropped off of directing DCU solo The Flash movie due to some creative differences and director Rick Famuyiwa was set to direct, well now he has also dropped off of the project.  The DCU Flash movie is left without a director and the script is going through some re-writes as we speak. The Flash was supposedly supposed to premier around the same time as the Aquaman solo movie in 2018, well Aquaman is well into production now and The Flash still hasn’t made it to the starting line. Possible directors Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis and Matthew Vaughn have been rumored to be on taps to direct The Flash but nothing has been confirmed. Now in a throwaway twitter line, Kevin Smith has possibly thrown his hat into The Flash directing ring and for all intense and purposes having Smith direct The Flash may not be a bad thing.

In my previous article, I never mentioned Smith directing a Flash movie because: 

  1. It had a director already so it seemed like everything should be going rather okay in that department even after losing its first and

  2. At the time he was directing episodes for The Flash TV show and the Supergirl TV show, so it never really popped in my mind that he would be eligible to direct The Flash movie, but now with the director’s chair open, he seems like a very viable candidate for the job.

    Twitter / @ThatKevinSmith

Somebody has to Save The Flash from certain doom

For one he is probably not going to drop out, crazier things have happened but Smith would more than likely stick with the project and that is what The Flash movie needs more than anything right now a director that will stick with it. It would be really hard for the movie to build any momentum if another director dropped out. Kevin Smith seems like he would be a guy that would work with the team and make the film work with what they wanted while still sticking with comic roots. Smith, as stated previously has experience with the

Smith, as stated previously has experience with the Flash in tv form already directing one episode on Season 2 and one episode in season 3, he has also directed an episode of Supergirl in season 2, so he has his experience firmly entrenched in the DC TV universe. Obviously, the movie Flash is going to be different from the TV version but Smith’s experience with the speedster could transfer valuable knowledge into the movie side of things, like how certain shots should work and how Barry may react in certain situations with the speed force. Smith’s bountiful comic book knowledge would also help ground The Flash with some comic book roots and help it connect to the other DCU movies. Smith’s inner comic geek would help add some great “easter eggs” into the film and add some “deep cuts” for more hardcore DC comics fans.

Smith directing episodes of The Flash and Supergirl also show that he can be a little bit tamer and be able to tone done the “Kevin Smithness” his fans are acquainted with. He is not going to have The Flash running around dropping F-bombs every five seconds and the crude humor will be toned down for a PG-13 rating. Smith can still influx some of his witty banter here or there and maybe even drop in a Jason Mewes cameo in the process, but he has shown that when not doing one of his own projects he knows how to “play” the proverbial game with other peoples property. Warner Brother exec’s could breathe easy with Smith at the helm knowing that he is going to stick with the project and see it through and put all he has into because he loves comics and is a fanboy at heart. Smith has also shown he can do more than just comedy/drama with films like Red State and Tusk he shows that he can delve into almost any genre and pull out something valuable. Now The Flash movie will probably be a more straightforward action/drama super hero movie with a little comedy thrown in and this is where Smith could really shine in not making this your run of the mill “summer action flick”. Smith would give the Flash a little bit different look and vibe to it setting it apart from other DCU movies, much like James Gunn has done for Guardians of the Galaxy or what it seems like director Taika Waititi has done for Thor: Ragnarok, he could bring that little different look or vibe to the movie as to give it something different for the audience that they haven’t seen before. 


Kevin Smith is obviously not WB’s first choice as a director and no information has come out to say that they are even toying with the idea of having him at the helm of  The Flash movie (just Smith’s tweet), but if they are wanting to have The Flash solo movie come out sometime in the next two years they are going to have to get the ball rolling and the longer they wait the harder it is going to be to find someone to get on this project, schedules fill up quickly. Simply I say give Smith a shot, he is a proven director that can handle the task of directing a movie, he is trustworthy and will stick with the project plus it will make a little news noise to get people talking about the movie and “no news is bad news” as they say. Whether they disagree or agree people will have varying opinions about Smith directing and at least that will have people talking about The Flash movie and not have it forgotten in the sea of super hero movies. 

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