Sims 4: Get Ready To WooHoo Next Gen Style This Fall

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Playing God…

There are a ton of titles that are synonymous with EA however, the publisher rings one particular bell for those of us who have spent hours upon countless hours creating families, getting jobs, and trying to earn the chance to woohoo with the hot chick next door. None of the other games come to mind before The Sims.

Since the series appeared in 2000 under developer Maxis, it has amassed a cult following of gamers who enjoy “playing God”, including yours truly (I like to make my OTPs, okay? Don’t judge me). The latest large installment from EA, Sims 4, has been kicking around since 2014 on PC, but there has been the looming question of when will it come to console? Predecessors of the title appeared on consoles before. PS2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Hell even the N-Gage got a piece of the original cast of Sims console release action. Most recently PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS saw Sims 3. So when is Sims 4 going to hop that fence?

Answer: November 17th.


With Friends!

A Microsoft store page has popped up featuring the simulation title along with a release date of Friday, November 17, 2017. Today Tweets have been sprouting up all over that PlayStation is also in the mix, getting their own release of the simulator for PS4. The hints from earlier this week as well as the official announcements have sparked a lot of excitement in those gamers who like to take the Sims to the console world; the same ones who dream of earning achievements and trophies for woohooing with the entire neighborhood book club. No word on if there is a Switch/Wii U version, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to start trolling their neighbors and making babies this fall. Anyone looking to play with life early? Pre-order the Deluxe Party edition and you get access 3 days before everyone else!

Sims Glitch
Anyone else hoping these ridiculous glitches stick around in the ports? I just want to screencap and share all the mangled Sims on Xbox Live…is that so much to ask?

Now that you all know about how some other parts of the internet (and I) feel about this bit of EA news, we here at Word of the Nerd want to hear your thoughts about the port! Do you think it’ll be good? Bad? Ugly as hell? A fantastic idea or awful? Leave a comment on this article or our social media!

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