Slam Dunk: Sports Anime Fills Gap Left by Sports

Taiwan Sports Network Airs Anime

Major sporting events all around the world have been canceled due to the coronavirus. This is a sensitive subject to many. Here at WotN, we want to respect that as best we can by bringing a little bit of joy into your life. The NBA has delayed the rest of their season. Soccer matches have been canceled. UFC is fighting in empty arenas. The world of sports is weird right now. I know sports are the least of people’s worries, but sports are typically a way we, as people, get to escape the world.

Slam Dunk - sports anime
Slam Dunk – sports anime

A Taiwan sports channel, ELTA, decided to fill that gap in sports with anime. More precisely—they’re airing the hit basketball anime, Slam Dunk. I’ve never been a particular fan of sports anime, but I’m a huge basketball fan and I’m starting to feel the emptiness of my daily consumption. 

A Slam Dunk

The hope is to fill the void of the NBA season and NCAA March Madness tournament. As of now, ELTA seems to be the only station making this move. Here in America, there still hasn’t been a replacement for the NBA games on television. Instead, ESPN has been filling the air with more personality-based content. 

Personally, I think ELTA has had the best response to content programming for this outbreak. I don’t think any sports channel will follow suit by airing anime, especially in the west, but I’m very interested to see how we cope here in America with the lack of sports. I know personally I’m about to start watching some Slam Dunk myself. 

Sound Off

How’re you getting your sports fix? Any sports anime you’d suggest for the rest of us? Sound off in the comments and remember to be safe out there!


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