Slayer vs. Slayer in BtVS Season 9, #9

BtVS Season 9 Issue 9 Cover
BtVS Season 9 Issue 9 Cover

It is a matter of slayer versus slayer in the latest storyline of the graphic novel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 from Dark Horse Comics.  Issue #9 was written by Andrew Chambliss and Scott Allie, who are no novices to the Buffy franchise, having written four other issues in the past. And once again, this issue is executive produced by ‘the man himself’ — Joss Whedon.

Issue #9, the second part of ‘Apart (of Me)’ sees Spike, Buffy (the bot) and everyone’s favorite bumbling ‘pseudo-Scooby’ Andrew looking for kidnappers:

Andrew doesn’t always make the best choices (see Season 6). And now Buffy finds herself and the very course of her life profoundly affected by one of Andrew’s over-the-top, idiotic . . . hair-brained . . . schemes. Together with Andrew and Spike, the worried Slayer will have to confront herself and her comrades, as well as a long-standing annoyance, the number-one Buffy hater of all Buffy haters: Simone, the gun-toting Slayer.

While penciler Cliff Richards has worked extensively on both the Buffy graphic novels and those for Dollhouse, the graphics for issue #9 lack some of the ‘punch’ of other issues. In fact, there seems to be an inconsistency from one page to the next that disturbs the flow of the story.

That said, I am glad that the Season 9 story arc is working to address the Buffybot issue, although I would like to see more of the Scooby gang (which coming from a confirmed ‘Spike’ girl, is unusual).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, Issue 9 ‘Apart (of me)’ hits stores on May 9.

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