Slender Man Awaits in New Movie Poster

Slender Man is a fascinating beast (literally and figuratively). His origins lie in a Photoshop contest held on an Internet forum in 2009. His picture and legend ignited the Internet. Soon, a full mythos developed around the character and he was the subject of everything from video games to a YouTube series. But Slender Man was far from the first urban legend born on the Internet. As a matter of fact, the Internet is full of these “creepypastas.” So, what makes Slender Man so compelling?

Slender Man’s Rise

Slender Man Movie PosterHorror provides an allegorical outlet for humans to be honest about what scares them. 2009 was an uncertain time for most Americans. It was the height of the recession and the housing market crash. As a result, Americans turned to horror. Yes, it took several years to fully resurge, but horror saw a new golden era in the years following the recession. This new ghoul hit right at the beginning of this resurgence. Furthermore, for many people, the economic downturn was caused by people dressed like Slender Man.

Also, there’s a wonderful simplicity to the character. He’s mysterious, but he resonates with people. This allows people the opportunity to play with his mythos as they see fit. He’s a collaborative monster. As such, there’s a wealth of lore ripe for a film adaptation.

Slender Man hits theaters May 18th, 2017, and the trailer debuts online this week. But to tease his arrival, IGN debuted the film’s poster.

Admittedly, the movie poster is very simple. But simple is the name of the game when it comes to Slender Man. It’s effective and conveys the premise of the movie well. Also, it’s inspired by one of the greatest posters of all time: the Joker poster for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Are you excited for Slender Man? Let us know in the comments!

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