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Slot games have been with us for many a decade. Long gone, though, are the days when their symbols were dominated by fruit. Now slot games have many themes, and it’s not hard to find one that will delight any nerd looking for another avenue that pays homage to their heroes. Let’s take a look at some of the best slot games for nerds.

Batman & The Riddler Riches

Well, we might as well begin our look at slots for nerds with a controversial statement. Forget all the modern Batman movies; there’s only one real Caped Crusader, and that was Adam West. None of this Dark Knight stuff and deep miserable voices; the 1960s Batman TV series is the real deal. Ok, it had its tongue firmly in its cheek, and we wondered why Batman could never work out who Batgirl was, but it’s a series that will never be forgotten.

Slot Games for Nerds

That fact is backed up by the number of slot games that have been released using the 1960s series as its theme. Others feature Mr. Freeze, Batgirl, The Penguin, Catwoman, and The Joker. This particular one features not just the best-ever Batman but the greatest Robin (Burt Ward) and the most memorable Riddler, Frank Gorshin (we’ll try to forget the John Astin episodes).

This slot brings back so many great memories of that legendary series. Not only do we get Batman, Robin, and Riddler symbols, but there’s Officer O’Hara (how did he get that job?), the Shakespeare statue, and Batman’s Utility Belt. With collapsing reels, a bonus wheel, and a massive progressive jackpot, no nerd can go wrong choosing this game to play.

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Game of Thrones

Are you missing this great series? Of course you are, and those spin-off series can’t come soon enough. Who knows, George R. R. Martin might even finish his books one day (no holding of your breath on that one, though). There may not be any new episodes of this legendary show, but there is the slot game to try your luck on.

Slot Games for Nerds

This is packed with the chance to win free spins, and you can even choose which of the great Houses of Westeros to serve. Probably the one that has the least deaths is the best option. The slot has a great look to it, and the legendary theme tune plays to really get you into a Game of Thrones mood. Some clips from the show would have been handy, but hey, you’ve got the DVDs, haven’t you?

Superman The Movie

We’ve mentioned Batman, so his friend (and sometimes enemy) Superman has to get a mention. This excellent slot takes us back to the 1978 movie starring the late Christopher Reeve in the title role.

This was a great movie, one of the best big-screen adaptations of the man from Krypton. Superman 2 was probably better; don’t even mention the fourth one! This game will bring back some great memories of this movie and get you some great wins.

Slot Games for Nerds

A slot game based on a movie has to have some relevant symbols for it to be a true success. That’s the case here, and we get to see Superman (of course), Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, the Daily Planet logo, and even some kryptonite is on show. There’s a progressive jackpot to try to win; think of all the comics and DVDs you could buy if you won that. Throw in some wilds, scatters, and Save the Day Free Spins, and a great time is guaranteed.

Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles

If you’re still watching the original series, then this slot game is going to delight you. It’s a great-looking slot that includes the loveable Tribbles. You know, the ones that reproduce faster than a wet Gremlin after midnight.

Fans of Star Trek will love seeing them again, as well as images of Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and Lieutenant Uhura. There are some great bonus games to play, including Tribbles Pinball, Win Warps, and the chance to collect Star Trek medals.

These are just some of the great slot games that are going to delight any nerd. Slots companies know just how popular superheroes, comic books, and sci-fi shows are. So look out for a steady stream of slot game releases in the future.

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