Snyder Cut of Justice League Trailer Debuts


Snyder’s Vision of Justice League Debuts

Zack Snyder debuted footage, officially, from his version of Justice League this past weekend at DC FanDome. It was a moment three years in the making. Justice League, as it debuted in theaters, was not a success. Snyder himself had to step down from the project due to a family tragedy. Joss Whedon took over at the last second, along with several last-minute rewrites and cuts. This led to a Frankenstein-style project which was not well received. Since then, fans (some more passionate than others) have been clamoring for Zack Snyder’s original vision to be released. WB since made the announcement this project will debut on HBOMax. After a highly popular panel discussion, with some surprise guests, Snyder rolled the trailer.

New Faces, New Footage, Revised Scenes

There are several things to note in this new trailer. At the very start is an early version of Darkseid, then called Uxas, as he (not Steppenwolf as in the theatrical version) leads the invasion of Earth. Another new face is that of Desaad, Darkseid’s devious lieutenant. While less humanoid in appearance than in the comics, he is quite recognizable with his purple hooded robe. As for Steppenwolf himself, he has been extensively remodeled, bringing him closer in appearance to what we saw in Batman V Superman. Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West also makes her debut, after being cut entirely out of the theatrical version.

There are numerous other scenes restored, such as a football stadium sequence for Cyborg. Several scenes that were cut from the theatrical cut and were teased in earlier promos have also been restored. Superman finally dons a black suit, instead of it being an Easter egg. There are some noticeable changes made, and some characters who survived the theatrical cut might not survive in this version. 

It does seem that while the Snyder Cut will follow a similar story to the theatrical version, it will still be quite different. What the general reaction to it will be is yet to be seen.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut debuts on HBOMax in 2021.

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