Solo Should Focus On Characters, Not Spectacle

Characters Should Be Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Primary Focus

I must admit, I know virtually nothing about Solo: A Star Wars Story’s plot. Anytime I see any sort of news about the film, I scroll by it. I have heard some things about the behind the scenes drama. I have heard that Solo will be a Sci-Fi western and that Ron Howard is now directing. To be honest, that’s all I really want to know. However, that does not mean I have not thought about a few things that I would like to see explored in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Hutt Connection

Truth be told, I am a massive fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. And, I believe there is a crucial relationship that needs to be explored. That is Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt’s business relationship. I have a feeling that the Hutt crime lord commissioned the heist Woody Harrelson’s character mentions. In my mind, that’s what makes the most sense. If anything, Jabba needs to be at the center of Solo.

Alden Ehrenreich Solo: A Star Wars Story
Alden Ehrenreich Solo: A Star Wars Story

In Star Wars Episode IV, Solo and Jabba seem to have been partners for quite some time. Given that Solo: A Star Wars Story takes place ten years prior to A New Hope, means that Jabba’s involvement in Solo’s plotline pairs up perfectly with Star Wars’ current timeline. If Jabba has any sort of involvement in Solo’s plot, that may mean that audiences will get a glimpse of the bounty hunters – and maybe, even the Bounty Hunter’s Guild.

A Dangerous Rival

If bounty hunters are a part of this film, then Han Solo and Boba Fett’s rivalry should definitely be established, even if it is just in a cameo. Just based on Solo and Fett’s interaction in the Star Wars movies, and excluding all Expanded Universe content, it seems apparent that there is bad blood between them. Though Boba Fett won’t be the main character, it would still be fascinating to see him make a cameo appearance. If Disney really wants to make a Han Solo trilogy, then having Fett appear at the end would be a wise decision.

Han Solo’s Silver Tongue

Though it would be cool to see Boba Fett – and even Greedo – appear in the film, there is something even more important than them. Han Solo’s ability to talk his way out of disastrous situations is an important part of the character. Therefore, showing Solo learn how to talk his way out of a bind could go a long way. This film will probably focus on the Kessel Run. If that is the case, then it is possible that Lawrence Kasdan included Han losing Jabba’s cargo. That is what gets Han in trouble with the Hutt gangster. Jabba would probably not allow Han to escape without paying his debt.

Harrison Ford Original Star Wars Trilogy
Harrison Ford Original Star Wars Trilogy

Therefore, it would make the most sense if, over the course of the film, Han becomes a better smooth talker. Thus, toward the end of the film, he can talk his way out of a jam with Jabba. It would be cool if Han could convince Jabba to give him ten or so years to pay off the debt, which would line up perfectly with A New Hope. Additionally, if Disney does make a trilogy, then the other jobs Solo performs over the next two to three films will likely go toward paying off his debt.

Old Friends

It’s already a pretty safe bet that Han’s relationship with Lando and Chewie will be expanded upon. It seems as though the film will probably revolve around those relationships. It would definitely be great to see how Chewie and Han’s relationship develops over the course of the film. Additionally, it would also be great to see how Lando and Han get along. I have a feeling they are going to start out hating each other, but by the end of the film, they’ll be closer. Though they may not be best friends, they will more than likely respect one another.

Star Wars: An Exploration of Character

Really, what I want to see in Solo: A Star Wars Story is character development and a character-driven story. For the most part, characters drove The Force Awakens’s plot. Whereas, plot devices drove The Last Jedi’s plot. The original Star Wars films, while not only being a technically gorgeous and creative film, was a film that focused on characters. Most of the original trilogy’s plot was driven by the characters and focused on character development. To me, that’s what Star Wars needs the most of at this point in time.

Star Wars is not just about good vs evil, Jedi, intergalactic struggles, and spaceships, it is about the characters that inhabit the galaxy. When spectacle takes the center stage in a Star Wars film, it loses its magic. These films, like the Force, must balance spectacle and characters to produce worthwhile stories that will capture the minds of audiences for decades to come.

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