Sony E3 Press Conference Overview

Alright, let’s take a broad look at everything Sony had to offer us at this year’s E3 conference!


“Ode to the Gamer”

Sony opened their conference with something that came off a bit like pandering. After thanking their consumers very loudly and with a lot of fancy words, they promised a ton of big announcements. Let’s see how they stacked up.


Beyond: Two Souls

From the makers of the genre-defying Heavy Rain came the announcement of a brand new IP: Beyond: Two Souls. This story is going to fall into the same psuedo-genre as Heavy Rain and will follow a full fifteen years of the life of the main character. Jodi Holmes, our main protagonist played by Ellen Page, is a girl with a dark secret. There is something caught between our world and the world beyond, and it is constantly with her. And from what we’ve seen in the trailer shown at the conference, it is extremely dangerous.


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

This is basically Super Smash Brothers for the Playstation. You’ve got characters like Fat Princess battling it out with strange powers on stages representative of major Playstation IPs. It offers cross-play between the PS3 and the Vita to help you continue your game on the go.


Sony Loves the Indie

Sony was proud to announce they will be working even harder to bring quality indie games to the Play Station Network. Over 200 new titles are in the pipes, including some that are Playstation exclusive!


Push for Playstation+

This program is equivalent to an Xbox Live Gold membership, and Sony wants more people signing up. Everyone at the conference got a free year, and there are apparently a ton of perks to the program – including free games to be downloaded.


Playstation 1 Classics Coming to Vita

Much like the 3DS and DS have offered classic handheld games to be downloaded to be played on this new generation, the Vita is going to be getting a ton of original Playstation titles. No word on exactly what those titles are yet, but keep your eyes open, the announcements are on the way.


Entertainment Partners for Vita

Hulu+, Youtube, and Crackle are all going to be coming to Vita so you can get your television and movie fixes on the go.


Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation is coming to the Playstation Vita. This game will feature the first ever female assassin and will offer cross-play between AC3:L and AC3. Not only that, but a special Vita bundle will be available for purchase that will include Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation and a crystal white Vita. (Think the same color as the Assassin’s Creed PSP.) On the Playstation 3 front, we got to see some new footage of the game that involved some epic ship battles. Sony also announced a special Playstation 3 bundle that will include the game and a PS3 system.


Farcry 3

We’ve seen a lot of this game throughout the conference. Sony provided us with substantially less nipple-shots and was able to confirm 4-player co-op modes, a dedicated multiplayer island, a map editor, and DLC already in the works.



This is probably the craziest thing Sony announced in their entire conference and will need a full post later on. This Augmented Reality peripheral already has support from J.K. Rowling. Expect a full report from your WotN staff in the coming days.


HTC Partnership

Sony has wanted to get into the mobile devices market for ages, and now they’ve announced a partnership with cell phone powerhouse HTC.


New God of War

God of War: Ascension is promising to include all the typical gameplay you expect from a GoW title. Ridiculously graphic, this game is already set to release on March 12th, 2013.


Was there anything that got you excited during the Sony conference? Did you want an announcement that simply didn’t happen? Discuss it all in the comments below!


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