Spider-Man: Far From Home and the MCU

 Peter Tingles

You’ve already heard the news so let’s just swing right in. Sony and Disney could not come to a mutual agreement for the finance split on the future Spider-Man movies and all of Twitter is in outrage! Here’s a link to the Variety report that goes into Sony’s statement on the issue. What we are going to do here instead is a few Thwips and a couple of Zaps because it’s HOT TAKE TIME! And by “hot take” I really mean reason and calmness. Let’s go.

Blame Game

Spider-Man Far From Home disappointment
Spider-Man is disappointed in you all. Especially you, Disney.

When I woke up I saw the #fucksony trending and I got a bit…peeved. Yeah, that’s the nicest way to say that. Everyone is blaming Sony for the split with Disney, but if you take the time to read the Variety report maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize you’re not in charge of a billion-dollar company and you don’t know what you’re talking about? I mean seriously—Disney wanted Sony to split the proceeds 50/50. Sony owns Spider-Man, and they’re supposed to give half the earning to Disney, who lets them play with some parts of the Marvel toybox. If you owned something you’d never give 50% of what it earns to anyone else. That’s ridiculous. It’s an insult to Sony for Disney to even offer that.

Disney says it’s because Kevin Fiege is spread thin…but he can still play with you if you give them 50% of the earnings. Disney is literally trying to screw over Sony right now.

People are complaining this will ruin the MCU and it’s because of Sony. In my personal option, it seems this is the outrage Disney was hoping for to force Sony to take a deal that is lesser for them. I know that’s business, but don’t forget this is Disney doing this, not Marvel and not Sony. Disney, the company who just bought Fox so they could just remake their entire catalog and not come up with new ideas for the next 30 years. For god sakes, they own Avatar now. That’s 20 years by itself.

 Everyone is rooting for a company that just buys other companies: Fox, Marvel, LucasFilm, Pixar, ESPN, Hulu, etc.

So everyone take a deep breath and remember Disney’s only goal is to buy everything you love and monetize it till you hate it… Just like y’all hated episode 8 of Star Wars

Sound Off

So sorry for the rant. Let me know what you think down below. And remember you shouldn’t want Disney to own all the media in the world. It would be bad.

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