Spoiling Spider-Man PS4’s E3 Tease

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Who Swings in at the End of Spider-Man PS4’s E3 Showcase?

Marvel announced Spider-Man PS4 at 2016’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as the first in an attempted foray into the world of video games. While we’ve gotten word of an Avengers game from Square Enix since then and rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy game, gamers’ eyes are still squarely focused on the Friendly Neighborhood Web-Head’s PS4 debut. Insomniac Games, developer of the Ratchet and Clank franchise as well as Sunset Overdrive, are bringing Spider-Man back to open-world gaming. Trailers, articles, and E3 demos have gifted readers with several important details about the game’s plot and gameplay. The game displays a free-flow combat system similar to the one that Batman: Arkham games made famous. The system that has now become ubiquitous in 3rd person open-world games. Players will be using this combat system which allows for innovative uses of Spider-Man’s trademark webs to take on some of the hero’s greatest villains. While the first trailer mainly showed off the more recently created Mister Negative, it also teased interactions with classic Spider-Man foes such as the Kingpin, Shocker, and the Green Goblin.

More recently fans and gamers have been treated to a new E3 demo which sees Spider-Man on the scene for a prison break at the Raft. This sequence sees Spider-Man chase Electro through the crumbling prison and running into more classic rogues the deeper he goes. Rhino, Scorpion, the Vulture, and Mister Negative all make appearances before the demo concludes. For the demo’s conclusion, Insomniac chose to tease the appearance of another character, with Spider-Man looking up into the camera and saying, “You?”

If you’ve found yourself wondering who this mystery character might be then you’ve come to the right place. I’m completely prepared to give you several unfounded opinions about who that character definitely is.

A Member of the Sinister Six

Doctor Octopus

The demo ends with Spider-Man surrounded by five of his greatest foes with a sixth individual arriving on the scene. It’s more than likely not a coincidence that six individuals surround Spidey here.  His most famous group of villains also consistently is formed of six members. It’s got to be the Sinister Six, right? Then, if it’s the Sinister Six, it’s definitely Doctor Octopus. He’s a classic member of the Sinister Six and one of Spider-Man’s most infamous rogues. He’s already got notoriety in the public eye because of his appearance in Spider-Man 2, which means fans and non-fans alike could be excited by his appearance.

Doctor Octopus played by Actor Fred Mello de Castro
Doctor Octopus played by Actor Fred Mello de Castro

There’s also the fact that in the demo Electro mentions he’s gotten a new suit.  When you look around it seems like all the villains have gotten a tech upgrade. So which Spider-Man villains would be smart enough to do this? Probably only Doctor Octopus. Finally perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence is that soon after the demo a voice actor for Doctor Octopus was leaked to the public. What I’m saying is it’s definitely Doc Ock.


Mysterio: Spider-Man
Mysterio: Spider-Man

It’s definitely Doc Ock unless it’s Mysterio. Mysterio is another character who would probably have the tech ability to upgrade all the villain’s suits. More importantly, Mysterio brings an interesting question to the table. Once Spider-Man sees this dastardly magician it must be assumed that he’s questioning his entire surroundings. This would explain the level of shock Peter is in at the end of the demo. This would definitely allow Spider-Man PS4 to have even more creative and fun game mechanics, which is always a plus.

The Green Goblin

Green Goblin played by actor Williem DaFoe
Green Goblin played by actor Willem Dafoe

Previous trailers for the game teased the Green Goblin, perhaps Spider-Man’s most famous villain. This would immediately bring both a larger pedigree to the game as a whole, as well as this Sinister Six the game is forming. Green Goblin currently sits as the mayor of New York City, and this could be an issue. There would be so many questions about New York City’s mayor dressing up as a goblin to go fight Spider-Man. This would make it shocking enough to warrant Peter’s surprise in the end though. It would also open up interesting complications in the plot about how you take down the Green Goblin if he’s also holding public office.

A Peter Parker

Ben Reilly

You know what’s probably always going to be shocking? Looking up and seeing yourself. Thanks to Peter’s various encounters with characters like the Jackal and Doctor Octopus he certainly has enough clones for this to be a possibility. Depending on where this story takes place in the timeline this could be a fresh Peter Parker clone that Peter’s meeting or it could just be the return of the Scarlet Spider. Either way, the return of Peter’s clone and the assistance of a friend should be enough to shock our Spider-Man. It’s important to note too that Spider-Man’s spider-sense doesn’t seem to go off when this individual approaches. So there’s a very real possibility it’s a friend.

Superior Spider-Man

So take everything I said about Doctor Octopus and Ben Reilly and put it here. Having a clone of Spider-Man inhabited by the mind of Doctor Octopus would be a crazy surprise to gamers and Peter alike. This would also give credence to the leaks of a Doctor Octopus voice actor in a much more creative way. This could bring so much to the plot and gameplay of the game. The plot could tackle a Spidey impersonator while in the game you would have some sweet Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man action. The only question I have here is, if it’s a clone of Peter, wouldn’t it have the same voice as Peter?

An Iron Man

Tony Stark

Iron Man played by actor Robert Downey, Jr.
Iron Man played by actor Robert Downey, Jr.

Marvel loves film synergy in its comics, so why not bring it over to video games? Peter Parker and Tony Stark have had a great and moving relationship established in one of the most popular films ever. It’s entirely possible that the game could try to capitalize on this. Iron Man would explain the lack of Spidey-sense, but it would also explain the light that covers everyone when this new character comes onto the scene. It’s possible, though, if this were to be true, that Tony and Peter might not be in the best place, as Peter doesn’t seem particularly excited to see him.

Norman Osborn

If Spider-Man PS4 was going for more of a Dark Reign feel it could have Norman Osborn inhabiting the Iron Patriot suit as he’s done in the past. This would also explain why Osborn could hold public office and fight Spider-Man without being questioned. It also would finish out the Sinister Six and explain the light in the scene. It’s also entirely possible that Peter’s shock in this scene could only come once Osborn lifts up his mask to reveal himself under the armor.

Other People

Madame Web

Any fan of the old Spider-Man: The Animated Series knows that Madame Web is great and that she’ll show up at any time. This would definitely cause Peter the most valid sense of surprise while also not being a threat. This could also lead into so much within the plot and gameplay of Spider-Man PS4.  Especially as the demo seems ripped straight from the beginning of the game. This just seems too far-fetched for this game though. There’s nothing about the presentation so far that makes you feel as if their going the multiversal route. Sadly I think we’ll probably have to wait for the next game to see Dear Old Madame Web.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales: Spider-Man
Miles Morales: Spider-Man

It’s totally got to be Miles, right? They’ve already shown him in other trailers. Would they really miss an opportunity to push such a fan favorite character in their game? This would be especially appropriate with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse coming out soon after Spider-Man PS4. This would also give gamers another character to play as, which could open up the gameplay so much. The biggest thing, though, is that there is absolutely no way they’re going to include one of the most popular legacy characters created in the past decade in their game and not make him Spider-Man and let you play with him. He just has to be in this.


There you go, True Believers! Those are the nine characters that are definitely probably possibly at the end of Spider-Man PS4’s E3 2018 showcase. If you totally agree that I’m right and have the powers of premonition then please tweet us and say so. Then if you think I’m an idiot with my head in the sand please also tweet us and say so. No matter what, though, that sixth person is definitely Doctor Octopus…. Or Miles Morales…. But definitely Norman Osborn.

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