Eight Spooky Comic Characters Who Need A Halloween One-Shot

It is that time of year again when the ghouls and goblins come out to play and jack-o-lanterns decorate the streets, yes it is Halloween time once again. I have a love/hate type relationship with Halloween, I really love all the decorations, costumes, monsters and whatnot, but I really hate being scared so it is a give take. I have always loved the supernatural side of comic books especially when they clash with the superheroes in the Marvel and DC Universes. Both publishers have some classic “creatures” that really should get some love around this time of year so here are my 8 “Spooky” Marvel/DC Characters that Need a Halloween One-Shot or mini-series.



Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first; Blade has not been getting much love recently. Yes he is in Marvels new mini-series Spirits of Vengeance and he has popped up here or there, but his character is begging for a nice vampire filled over-sized one-shot story. Plus we were supposed to get that series that featured his daughter and him as a mentor that never came about. 



Another one that is a little obvious s but, maybe not. She is more magical but a good more supernatural based one-shot story would be great to see with her. She is another character that shows up a lot in team books but does not get a lot of time to shine on her own.



Now DC actually had an ongoing Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. title for a little while when they started the New 52 way back when, but it has been canceled for quite a while now. I say give ole nuts and bolts another shot in the DC universe with a mini-series and release that thing during October, plus that series had the freaking Creature Commandos and we sorely need them back in DC comics!



Marvel actually had a quite long-running Tomb of Dracula series back in the 70’s that was all kinds of crazy fun and he has been known to pop up in the Marvel Universe from time to time, it is time for newer readers to get to know him and what better way than to give him a new story or origin in the Marvel Universe! Plus you can’t have Halloween without a Dracula its just fact.



Alright I know there is no way Manphibian is getting an ongoing or even a mini-series and let’s face it not even a one-shot, but come on! That “gillman” type design is great, yeah the way he talks can get a bit annoying but I would love for Manphibian to at least get one short story all to himself.


Blue Devil

Blue Devil is a character that has been hard for DC to pin down, especially in recent years, but his character begs for at least a one-shot during the spookiest of seasons. He is a guy dressed up in a devil costume and then got turned into an actual demon,  I mean it does not get much more “Halloween” than that!


Brother Voodoo/Dr. Druid/Wiccan

Three characters that we hardly or never see with names like those! Come on you are telling me you cannot give these guys a one-shot during Halloween? Heck, team them up as the ultimate supernatural magic fighting force!


Werewolf by Night

I love me some werewolves and they do not get any more awesome than Jack Russell the “werewolf by night“, I love his crazy adventures he had back in the 70’s. We haven’t seen this fur-ball in a while in the Marvel universe, for some reason they want to showcase Warwolf. Look he is already a werewolf I don’t need him to be a cyborg also! That is why Jack Russell needs his own one-shot, get the real wolf-man back in the Marvel Universe!

There you go 8 Spooky Marvel/DC characters that need a Halloween One-Shot. I know I missed a lot and everybody has their favorite “spooky” character sneaking around in the Marvel or DC superhero universe, comment below on who you want to have a Halloween one-shot!

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