Spotted: Starfleet Logo On Mars


Star Trek’s Starfleet Logo Has Been Spotted on Mars?

In a world, or rather, a universe where anything can happen, something strange has made an appearance. NASA just released an image of Mars…and it really looks like there is a logo from Starfleet on it.

This Is Not A Joke

Star Trek TOS Starfleet logo
Star Trek TOS Starfleet logo

I know that this probably looks and sounds like a hoax, but NASA did officially release the photos. And we’re far enough away from April Fools to be safe from that risk. While this is a hilarious revelation, we should point out the obvious here. This really is a natural formation, and is in no way, shape, or form actually connected to Star Trek. Though it’d be cool if it was…probably. Maybe it would end up being more freaky than cool.

All the Details

NASA Mars Starfleet logo
NASA MRO photo of a dune on Mars that REALLY looks familiar

The MRO, aka the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, picked up these images. And it was the University of Arizona’s camera team that spotted the interesting…contours of this specific location. And we certainly don’t blame them for talking up the release!

This strange image was found on the southwest Hellas Planitia region of Mars. And scientists say that it was naturally formed thanks to the elements. Wind, lava, and dunes all played a part in making every Trekkie’s day.

What Are The Odds?

It has been joked time and time again that Gene Roddenberry is a time traveler. So many of the tech ideas he came up with for Star Trek ended up coming true. And now this? The logo of the Starfleet legitimately showing up on Mars? What are the odds? I mean, seriously!

Maybe this is how Star Trek’s Federation originally found and was inspired to create this logo? But seriously, it seems like even the universe is a fan of Star Trek. Or at least, Mars is.

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