Stan Lee Cancels Big Apple Comic-Con Appearance

Stan Lee canceled his appearance at Big Apple Comic Con due to health issues, Newsarama reports. The legendary comic creator has been billing his appearances at certain conventions as his final appearance at those shows.

Stan the Man

Each year, Stan Lee makes appearances at countless comic book shows across the country. He even hosts a show of his own, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con. In 2016, he began rolling back his astonishing schedule. He appeared at certain conventions for the final time. The most high-profile of which, San Diego Comic-Con was canceled due to health issues. At this time, there is no report about the specifics of Lee’s health concerns. Big Apple Comic-Con had this to say via an Instagram post:

“Stan keeps to an amazing schedule and it seems to have taken its toll. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience, but the show must go on.”

To many, Lee is the single most important cultural figure alive. And that’s a hard point to argue. He set in motion entire industries and his creations fundamentally re-shaped television and movies. So, for fans attending these conventions, the loss of an opportunity to meet a hero will be devastating. Meeting Stan is a true “kiss the ring” experience. However, it is important to realize that Stan is as human as the rest of us. And with advanced age comes more frequent illness.

The man is in incredible shape and has his wits about him, but his health must remain a priority. So, as fans, let’s wish Stan a speedy recovery. Not only so that his fans can get to meet him on the convention circuit, but so his friends and family can enjoy their time with him as well. Stan Lee most recently appeared in the No Good Deed Deadpool 2 short before Logan. His cameo was cut from the theatrical version but restored on Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube page.

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