Stan Lee Has To Cancel Appearances.

This is a breaking story that just started circulating a couple hours ago. Next weekend is the Ohio Comicon and Stan Lee was scheduled to attend, but now suddenly he has to cancel that appearance. This is not an uncommon thing for someone to cancel an appearance, it happens unfortunately. Many of these talented men and women are people too and sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, have to cancel appearances. The cause of these cancellations happen for many reasons from a sudden conflict with work schedules to an illness and so on.

The 89 year old Stan Lee is no exception to this rule unfortunately, he has a very busy schedule from movie and TV appearances to the many conventions he attends throughout the year. The disturbing news however was put out by Wizard World promoters which states that” Stan Lee will not be able to attend any upcoming events for the near future.” Now as you are reading this just as I am writing this a thousand things must be going through your minds but I ask you to please do not speculate on all this, the last thing we need is for a million rumours to be flying around the internet as I’m sure they will be in the next few days as that is the nature of the web but it can make it very difficult for Word of the Nerd and other reliable sites to bring you the facts.

Stan was also sceduled to appear at the Authors, Authors series at a public library Toledo-Lucas county on the 27th of this month but his appearance to that event has been cancelled as well. According to the Toledo Blade a spokesperson for the library commented that Stan Lee’s agent said that the cancellation was for “a very serious circumstance.” Just in the past month Stan has attended Dragoncon, the Baltimore Comicon and his Comikaze Expo and some of us here at Word of the Nerd were fortunate enough to catch some glimpses of him at Heroescon in Charlotte, N.C. where I attended a massive panel that Stan Lee was on. So needless to say that he is a very busy man with a full schedule ,and being 89 I would imagine all that travelling can wear you down; I’m only 36 and I know it would take its toll on me after awhile.

So as I said before as difficult as it is let’s try not to speculate too much on this until we hear more from a reliable source. The only thing we can do is hope for the best and pray that it isn’t too serious. I’m sure you share my feelings when I say that we love you Stan and all our hopes and prayers are with you.


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Mike Turner II

Mike is a construction foreman by day but at night he is either working on his art or writing for Word of the Nerd. In between he is running around Gotham wreaking havok in Arkham city or adding to his extensive comic and figure collection. Mike is a hardcore Star Wars fan who often recites lines from the movies in relation to events of everyday life and knows the Sith code as he is a dedicated fan of Star Wars novels especially when they are about Sithlords. One of Mikes philosophies is that if you aren't learning something new everyday then you're doing something wrong.

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