Stan Lee Posts A Return Video On Twitter

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Takes to Twitter Once More

Renowned comic book creator and writer Stan Lee posted a new video on Twitter this week. The 95-year old Marvel Comics legend spoke about his deep connection with his fans and promised a new series of “Stan’s Soapbox” videos.


Stan Lee has had a rough 2018. We here at Word of the Nerd documented nearly every development in the living legend’s tumultuous year. However, in the brief glimpses of the “real” Stan we’ve seen, he seems positive as ever. That was the case this week. The Spider-Man creator took to Twitter and announced a new series of videos he’s calling “Stan’s Soapbox.” Longtime Marvel readers recognize the name as a regular section of Marvel’s Bullpen Bulletins. [Ed. note: due to technical difficulties, we are not able to embed tweets right now, but you’ll be able to view the videos by clicking on the links in the quotes.]

I’M BACK! – Stan

— stan lee (@TheRealStanLee) July 12, 2018

Stan Lee video still July 12 2018 (Twitter)
Stan Lee via Twitter, July 12 2018

In the video, Lee discusses the special bond he feels with his fans. “I don’t consider you as fans, I consider you as close, close friends,” he said. The comparison is apt. In recent months, fans brought forth their concern regarding the elder statesman of comics and his various legal and health problems. Although he doesn’t address the behind-the-scenes drama outright, the video features small references to it.

“You’re my friend. I’m your friend. And we’re not gonna let anything come between that.” Lee ends the phrase with an appreciative smile. Furthermore, at the end of the video, Stan states that he is back with “new energy and new care.” A lot of his recent troubles revolved around his care providers. So, that’s a potential relief for Stan’s fans. 

Certainly, the video shows his age. Near the beginning, he jokes about having a hard time turning 79. Sure, this could be an indicator that the comic book king is having memory troubles. However, you can also view it as a wry joke. I like to think it’s the second one.

Stan Lee Remembers Steve Ditko

After the first video, Stan posted a second video. In the second video, he memorializes his former co-worker, Steve Ditko. Ditko recently passed away, and he had a close working relationship with Lee. It’s a scant minute and twenty-four seconds, but Lee hits some important notes regarding his late friend. He praises Ditko’s eye and says that he “told the story like a fine movie director would.” The video is set over some of Ditko’s fabulous artwork.

Hopefully Stan Lee is doing all right. The persona he gives off in the videos is upbeat as ever. But the man is getting on in years, and it seems his life is full of drama. Perhaps those days are behind him, and the ever-generous king of the nerds can connect with his fans via social media in lieu of comic book conventions. Either way, we love Stan Lee and it’s safe to say none of us would love the things we love without him.

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