Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Welcomes a New Starship


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Welcomes a New Starship


In a new Documentary, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek Deep Space Nine it was revealed that there was a new starship created for season eight. The ship even had a name, USS Emmett Till.

The news was also announced on their Twitter earlier this week:

The Design

John Eaves designed the USS Emmett Till. Eaves is a famous Star Trek concept artist, so that revelation likely wasn’t a surprise to many of the fans. He is most famous for his works on Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek Online (though that is by no means the complete list of his works).

What is interesting about the USS Emmett Till is that it appears to have four nacelles, where most starships in the Federation only have two. Even the Future Enterprise only had three. While we don’t have any uses of the ship confirmed, it’s implied that the ship will be quite fast, possibly with the intention of being used as an exploration ship.

The long thin profile is reminiscent of the Voyager. The USS Emmett Till hosts a blocky shape to the front of the ship. This may indicate docking capabilities. Considering the series, this may mean it was intended to be able to dock with Deep Space Nine.

The Name

The name choice for the starship is significant. Emmett Till was a real person. He was a fourteen-year-old African-American boy in Mississippi. He was lynched for merely offending a white woman in a grocery store (her family’s, of course).  It didn’t take long for the young boy to become a symbol for the racial injustice of the era, and it’s a symbol that has stuck.

Star Trek has long been the pioneer for rights. Every series has pushed the limits of the generation, trying to show racial injustice for what it is, supporting equal rights, and so much more. In many ways, it became the voice of a generation, as the name of this newest ship confirms.

The Captain

Ezri Dax - DS9
Image of Ezri Dax from What We Left Behind

Ezri Dax was to be the Captain of the USS Emmett Till. However,post-Starr Trek: Nemesis Dax ended up becoming captain of the USS Aventine. While it’s possible that he could still have been a captain for both, just at different periods, we have no way of confirming that for now.

What it All Means

It’s very timely that the news of the new starship has come out, with the rumor that the Star Trek MMORPG may be using it in the near future. Twitter chatter between the creative staff indicates that they wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the release. So fans can only hope that something will come of it.

Details on the public release of the documentary and starship model are still pending, but the film is available to pre-order now at ds9documentary.com.


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