Star Trek Happenings In 2015

With a new year comes new announcements and Star Trek has been well on this. With new books, conventions, games and more, let’s take a quick look and see what Star Trek has in store for you.

Star Trek Online

After a very successful 2014, with more characters like Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Neelix and Harry Kim (all voiced by the original actors) a story line involving the Undine and massive system updates to the game, Star Trek Online appears to be going from strength to strength.

With more updates due, adding more characters, traits and specializations for your own captain and bridge crew, and more stories carrying on from the Undine story arc, you know that these people are working hard on making this game better this year.

They give very little information about what is too come, but expect something with the first of the anniversary update.

Star Trek Las Vegas Convention

The biggest convention for Star Trek has just announced its guest and who is headlining. The headliners are William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Walter Koenig (TOS Chekov) and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine).

With 30 other guests with their names already down, and with the creators of this convention hoping to hit 100 Star Trek guests, the tickets to this event is breaking records with how fast they are selling.

Events to take place are still being worked on, but the Nevada Pops Orchestra along with Dennis McCarthy will be performing, as well as the Star Trek Rat Pack ( Max Grodenchik, Armin Shimerman, Jeffrey Combs, Vaughn Armstrong and Casey Biggs ).

Quark’s Bar and The Rio’s VooDoo lounge are also making a come back this year.

The convention will take place from the 6-9 August this year. More information will come as more stars sign up.

The CW and Star Trek

Mark Pedowitz, president of CW has stated in an interview that if given the chance he would make a Star Trek TV show. If it becomes available to him, this life long Star Trek fan wants to take the reins and make something with it.

However only a feature film has been discussed. But let’s hope in the future he can be given the chance to make something new, cause now would be a great time bring in a new Star Trek series.

Disney and Star Trek

A new show called ‘Miles from Tomorrowland’ has been announced by Disney.

This show, for Disney Junior, is a science based animation show with expected guests like Bill Nye and Mark Hamill.

What has also been announced are the Star Trek actors Wil Wheaton and George Takei will be playing recurring guest roles in the show.

The show premieres on February 6th.

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