Star Trek: Picard Teaser Trailer


Will We Find Out What The Best Vintage of Chateau Picard Is?


Hot on the heels of the title announcement, we are getting a teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard. CBS All-Access officially announced the show’s title last week, along with one teaser image of Patrick Stewart as an older Jean-Luc Picard. Today the streaming service has released the first trailer of its next Star Trek spinoff series. 

The trailer starts off showing a vineyard that to fans is undoubtingly Picard’s home in France. A voiceover begins to speak of a great rescue armada and then “the unimaginable” happening. Personal cost, losing faith and then the question to “Admiral” Picard on why he left Starfleet.

This short one-minute teaser brings on so many questions that will sure to perplex fans until the series premiere sometime later this year. See the trailer below.


How closely will this future parallel the future laid out for Picard in The Next Generation series finale? Picard becomes an admiral, then an ambassador (apparently to Vulcan) and then retirement to his family home.

Is the rescue armada spoke of in the trailer referring to the destruction of Romulus as detailed in the IDW preview comics and 2009 Star Trek reboot? Surely the failure to save Romulus would have taken its toll on Picard. It could certainly cause him to lose faith in a number of things. The destruction of Romulus would have also involved the loss of Ambassador Spock, whom Picard had a deep personal relationship with.

Just how close to canon will this series be? The time between Star Trek: Nemesis and this series can only be guessed at right now. But we do know that the series begins 15 years after he leaves Starfleet.

Coming off the success of Star Trek: Discovery, CBS seems to have found the formula to make Star Trek relevant again. There is no doubt based on the popularity of Jean-Luc Picard that this series will also be a hit.

Star Trek Picard teaser image

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