Star Trek: Prodigy Will Debut on Paramount+, Along With the Rest of the Franchise

Star Trek: Prodigy bridge crew - Paramount Plus


Paramount+ Will Host All of Star Trek Universe, Including Upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy

While Star Trek has always been family-appropriate, a new series is coming out this year directed at children. Star Trek: Prodigy is a show about a few alien misfits who take over an abandoned Starfleet vessel. It was originally set to air on Nickelodeon, but it will first go up on Paramount+, the new streaming service. Paramount+ will also hold the entirety of the Star Trek franchise—from its inception in 1966 to today and onward. Similar to how Disney+ put all the Marvel and Star Wars media in one place, Paramount+ will do so with Star Trek. 

So Why Streaming First, Cable Later?

Star Trek: Prodigy Nickelodeon logoTo have a show premiere on a streaming service first, and then also air on a network is an unusual choice. Julie McNamara, programming chief for Paramount+, says it’s about reaching as many potential viewers as possible within the demographic. And potentially creating new fans.

“This is about having the best of both worlds in terms of utilizing the Paramount+ platform to expose Trek fans and their families to this incredible show for them and their children and in our early days of Paramount+ give a lovely boost to the platform,” McNamara told Deadline. “Then, to have it be on Nickelodeon linear following that would expose it to a kid audience that might not have that initial Trek interest.”  

So the general idea is that loyal fans will likely go to the streaming service first. New fans might catch it on cable and get drawn in. They didn’t announce an official premiere date for either platform, though.

Other Star Trek Shows and the Overall Story

While Marvel and Star Wars created huge universes, the stories within them are close-knit. Evidently, that’s not the goal with the Star Trek universe. There will be some interconnectivity, but it won’t be so close that you have to watch all of Star Trek to understand a standalone show. You could with Paramount+, but that would be overwhelming.  

“We’re aiming to have our shows feel unique and different from each other,” said Alex Kurtzman, to Variety. Kurtzman is the overall executive producer for the franchise. “We want to give everybody a reason to watch each show.”

McNamara said they are being careful about the pacing of which shows are released when, so that each one is something fresh and exciting, both for returning viewers and new ones. 

Prodigy is not the only new release. Paramount+ is also working on Discovery, Lower Decks, and the second season of Picard. There is also another brand new show in production, Star Trek: Brave New Worlds. This is the biggest expansion of the Trek franchise in its history, all thanks to its new home. 

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