Star Trek Star Shatner Slams Star Wars With the Help of NASA

Star Trek or Star Wars?

The long historic rivalry that divides science fiction fans has another brief and amusing note to its tale. Star Trek vs Star Wars is one of the most common discussions among those inclined for space-faring adventures. Combined, they boast over 60 years of content ranging from television to film and every piece of merchandise you can imagine. The actors involved in each franchise have become synonymous with the genre of sci-fi, and icons through their memorable portrayals. A certain kinship is found in their mutual space despite the debates that rage on among the fans. Naturally, a little light ribbing now and then brings extra fuel to the fire.

Former Captain of the Enterprise, Star Trek’s William Shatner (James T. Kirk) recently took a jab at his ever-looming rivals within the Star Wars franchise. A recent expedition by NASA has discovered a certain symbol on the surface of Mars. A symbol that will seem quite familiar to Star Trek fans. Shatner took it upon himself to gloat a little on Twitter with the recent discovery.

Mars Is for Trekkies

NASA Mars Star Trek logo
NASA MRO photo of a dune on Mars that REALLY looks familiar

According to NASA, the symbol creation is a result of wind, sand and lava formation. It was found located in the Hellas Planitia region of the planet, an area in the southeast predominant with sand dunes. Sadly, this natural explanation does take away the hope in many Trekkies’ hearts that there may be an alien civilisation out there. Despite the appearance, there is no Starfleet in play on Mars at this time. 

While NASA still has much more to discover, we know that when William Shatner went voyaging for what he was seeking, he found it very quickly.

Fishing for a heated response netted Shatner two important replies back on twitter. The Star Wars official page responded back as did Mark Hamill. Known for his role as Luke Skywalker, the Star Wars vet quipped back noting that he saw only a resemblance to a boomerang with the symbol. The exchange continued when Shatner commented on the jealousy clearly reflected in Hamill’s tweet. Obviously, these tweets are in good spirits given the good nature on both sides. The two actors often dig against each other from time to time and this merely was another brief skirmish in their tweet war.

Hopefully, we can see Star Wars up the stakes in the coming year by slapping a logo on the moon. 

Mimas (a moon of Saturn) and the Death Star
Wait. That’s no moon! Maybe Star Trek is just catching up?

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