Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer

In case you’ve been hiding and/or trapped under a rock for the past twelve hours, the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released during halftime on Monday Night Football.  Kind of a strange place to premiere anything having to do with Star Wars, but Disney does have its hands in nearly everything these days, even American football.  Fans watching the game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles were given the first look at the new trailer.

Was it amazing?  Of course it was.  What did you expect?  Lots of new footage, some clues pertaining to the plot and again absent, same as from the new poster is Luke Skywalker.  There was the same shot of what everyone seems to think is him and R2-D2 from the teaser, but minus the voice over.  This new trailer is fairly bad guy-centric with some very powerful narration from Harrison Ford as Han Solo.  But my intention of this is not to completely rehash the trailer second by second.

What has made Star Wars so magical for me has always been the music.  Skillfully and lovingly brought by the master of movie scores, John Williams.  When I heard elements of the familiar John Williams themes in this new trailer, I got goosebumps.  When Han and Leia’s love theme was heard I instantly turned into my ten-year-old self with a silly grin on my face along with a few tears welling in my eyes.  For me a new Star Wars movie means new Star Wars music and that is what excites me the most.

There are moments in this trailer where you can definitely see the influence of the film’s director J.J. Abrams and other moments that are just plain Star Wars magic.  Given what Abrams has been able to do with Star Trek, there is no doubt that this new Star Wars will be what fans have been denied since 1984.  Here’s hoping that December 18th 2015 will be a day long remembered.

So here it is, in its entirety, so you can watch it over and over, is the official trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.



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