Star Wars Kids Officially Launched

star wars kids


A New Generation of Star Wars Fans


It’s every fan’s dream for their children to love Star Wars as much as they do. It can be a subject for bonding, a way to understand each other better. However, the series isn’t really famous for being kid-friendly. It’s the VCR and DVD often kept at the top of the shelf in the past and in a locked folder at present. That changes today because Lucasfilm is about to make history.

Star Wars Kids by Lucasfilm

On November 30, Lucasfilm launched Star Wars Kids both on YouTube and online. James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s vice president for franchise content and strategy, gave the announcement. In summary, the project’s intent is to help parents introduce Star Wars to their children. Not only to provide the first step into the big galaxy but also provide new ways to explore the content. 

Galaxy of Adventures

The channel debuted animated shorts by director Barry Kelly and Titmouse Animation. The series is entitled Galaxy of Adventures. These episodes cover both the prequel and original Star Wars trilogies. Before anyone worries about a Roblox-like situation, don’t fret: these are kid-friendly versions so you won’t be hearing your child shout in fear when Anakin comes out of the lava. 

For now, only six shorts have been released with a steady stream planned for the rest of the year.

The original film score was kept along with the sound effects and dialogue. Though it is meant for children, Waugh explains that fans will see something new with this series too. This is also to prepare young minds for the release of Star Wars: Episode IX, which will be the climax for the Galaxy of Adventures series. 

Final Thoughts

For years, the Star Wars franchise kept its target audience to adults, mostly. Now it’s finally given in to parents’ requests! I can’t deny that the trailer, which features iconic scenes from the movie, is interesting. So far, I can’t find a flaw. I’m excited, you see. Maybe you’ve had a moment as a child wherein you watched a movie you were told not to. That was my case with Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. That lava scene, I cannot. 

The series isn’t only a kid version of the Star Wars saga, it will also have new scenes that are not in the original versions. I do hope they’ll illustrate each character’s key traits more as they’ve said in the announcement.

Other than that, I’m subscribing the moment I watch the first episode. Who’s with me? 

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