Star Wars: Knight Errant-Escape #2

Escape #2 P5

The next story arch in the Star Wars: Knight Errant continues with Escape #2, the second in a five part run, written by John Jackson Miller and with art from Marco Castiello.

Set approximately 1000BBY the story takes place in the heart of the second Sith war we join orphaned Jedi Knight Kerra Holt as she tries to discover the fate of her parents. So far her journey has taken her down a very dark path as she is currently working with the followers of a powerful Sith Lord, Lord Odion. Kerra seems to have become all consumed with her own personal goals as her hunt for the truth takes her on a mission that could have dire repercussions for the entire universe.

Escape #2 P7

Lord Odion has tasked Kerra with retrieving an ancient relic, The Helm of Ieldis, which he believes will give his powers enough of a boost to become the most powerful of the warring Sith Lords. The search for the Helm and her parents has led Kerra to Sarrassia. While the planet is being overrun by Sith forces, Kerra manages to sneak away. Once alone she stumbles across an ancient temple where a familiar face gives renewed vigor to her search for truth. But, is Kerra willing to put the universe at risk for her own selfish needs? Or, will she see reason before it’s too late? If Odion gets his hands on the Helm of Ieldis all could be lost.

Pretty standard Star Wars stuff here. But, the writer is well established in the universe and I have a feeling that when we get further along in the series things will defiantly heat up.

Star Wars: Knight Errant – Escape #2 is available from today, 11th July, from everywhere you normally get your comics!

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