StarCraft Remastered Announced

It is hard to imagine the real-time strategy genre of gaming without StarCraft. I used to spend countless hours at my PC trying to take down the Zerg. Now it looks like I may need to clear my schedule to do it all over again!

starcraft -2StarCraft Remastered

Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, recently announced that this 19 year old RTS is finally getting a high definition remaster at the I <3 StarCraft event. All of the art and animations will be remade completely and rendered in 4K. The audio files are also getting revamped for a more crisp and clean experience. Blizzard has also mentioned that there will be a few new narrative aspects added to the single player campaign. However, they have also said that they are not changing the gameplay at all. StarCraft: Remastered is still just the core game with a fresh coat of paint. It will also be on the Blizzard App just like Hearthstone and Overwatch. The remastered version is set to release sometime this summer, but no price point has been mentioned yet.

starcraft -3Original StarCraft Will Be Free

Along with the big news about the remastered version, there was also some news regarding the original StarCraft and the Brood War expansion. Patch 1.18 will be available very soon. It has been about eight years since the last patch and at a quick glance at the notes, there isn’t much to this update. Mostly just improved compatibility with newer versions of Windows and the upcoming remastered version, plus a couple bug fixes. But the biggest piece of information is that the original game and the expansion will be free once the patch goes live. If you have never tried StarCraft, now would be the best time to give it a go. Not only is the price right, but with the remastered version coming soon, the community will certainly be seeing some growth.

Are you excited about StarCraft: Remastered? Let us know in the comments below!

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